Jordanian Opposition Parties Warn Palestinians against ‘Yielding to American Pressures’

Published December 19th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

By Jihad Abu Falah - Amman 


Jordanian opposition parties have warned the Palestinian Authority of what they described as the “American and Israeli pressures aiming at getting them back to the negotiating table according to Oslo agreement.” 

Said Thiab, Secretary General of the Democratic Popular Unity Party [Marxist], reiterated in a statement released Tuesday, a copy of which has been received by, that “the opposition parties condemn the American and Israeli pressures exerted on the Palestinian negotiators, with the backing of certain Arab sides.  

The statement added that “these pressures aim at returning to the negotiating table according to Oslo agreement’s tactics, which will enable Barak the murderer to return to office and resume the killing of the Palestinian people. He will deny them their rights of sovereignty over their land, self determination, and the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland.” 

“We should make every effort to provide political, financial and moral support to guarantee the continuation of the al Aqsa Intifada, liberate Jerusalem, achieve independence and secure the refugees the right of return,” said the secretary. 

Thiab added that “the failure of the peace process … has been the driving force behind the Intifada that has flared for the past 11 weeks and resulted in the falling of 350 martyrs, and the wounding of more than 11,000.”  

According to the statement, the Jordanian parties consider the Palestinian issue as a a Jordanian national cause. 

It demanded that the Jordanian government take the appropriate political steps to support the Intifada by canceling the Wadi Araba Agreement [signed between Jordan and Israel in 1994.] 

The opposition parties ans the professional associations have been very active since the outbreak of the Intifada. They have staged many anti-Israel activities and cotribiuted in fueling the setiments against Israel and the US. 


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