Kaya Skin Clinic unveils ‘Aqua Radiance’ skin maintenance solutions for Summer

Kaya Skin Clinic unveils ‘Aqua Radiance’ skin maintenance solutions for Summer
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Published August 5th, 2010 - 09:29 GMT

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Kaya Skin Clinic
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Samir Srivastav

'Aqua Radiance' – a unique skin maintenance solution designed to give customers healthy and radiant skin during the hot summer months is the latest launch by Kaya Skin Clinic, the largest international skincare clinic chain in the Middle East offering a range of world-class skin services.

Aqua Radiance offers an innovative technique to eradicate dryness during the simmering summer months in the region. Aqua Radiance, set to aggressively build on the success of Kaya's renowned skin care services, offers uniquely customized skin maintenance solutions which are scientifically proven to remove impurities and offer optimum benefits to the skin.

The service uses tailored skin maintenance and nourishment, depending on the skin needs of the clients offering a truly different and refreshing experience. The latest skin regime focuses on evening out skin tone; reducing pigmentation caused by tanning and skin brightening and is now available at all 13 Kaya Skin Clinics in the region.

"We are happy to launch the Aqua Radiance solutions that will completely rejuvenate the skin during the summer and get you glowing during the Holy Month of Ramadan. What better than an Aqua Radiance service during this Month? While fasting, the human body becomes tired and the skin dehydrated, and it would be rejuvenating to undergo an Aqua Radiance service to refresh your skin after a long day of fasting. Moreover, the frequent use of air conditioners during the hot summer months makes the skin dull and lifeless. Aqua Radiance makes the skin oil-free, sun-protected, toned, fresh and young this summer!" said Samir Srivastav, Business Head – MENA at Kaya Skin Clinic.

Kaya's Aqua Radiance services use cool and soothing supersonic jet streams, which penetrate the deepest layers of skin, removing the layers of dead cells and then restore the lost lustre back. As part of the hydration process, the jet streams infuse therapeutic elements to revitalize the skin cells. This is followed by the customized nourishment process, where vital vitamins are infused to nurture the skin.

"Aqua Radiance, coming close on the heels of our other customized skin care solutions offered by our expert dermatologists, is tested and consists of ingredients that will gently nourish your skin. With this launch, we aim to bring about a behavioral change among residents in the region to go for Aqua Radiance, rather than using home remedies or beauty salons for skin treatments. This service can be taken every 15 days and is superior to any salon facial or remedies as there are trained dermatologists to monitor the same," said Dr Ahmed, dermato-cosmetologist at Kaya Skin Clinic.

"The whole process is aimed at producing more collagen, which is paramount to have effective skin rejuvenation. Aqua Radiance not only removes dead skin, but also hydrates with our water therapy that is essential for the skin and nourishes the skin from deep within, so that it looks radiant and glowing every day. So the service varies from person to person depending on the oily or dry skin and the level of care solicited, making it a very unique experience," Dr Ahmed added.

This is a revolutionary skin care service, especially in the region, considering that 80 per cent of skin damage is caused due to the Sun, with air conditioners sucking away moisture from the skin. This, coupled with unhealthy diet, dehydrates the skin making it devoid of vital nutrients. "Aqua Radiance, in a nutshell, offers all the four essential skin care solutions – exfoliation, hydration, nourishment and lymphatic drainage. A key point to note that none of the enhancement services available elsewhere provide nourishment and this is very essential to keep the skin glowing. Using jet streams, Aqua Radiance help infuse vitamins into the skin," said Dr Ahmed.

In addition to Aqua Radiance, clients can also avail of other skin care essentials, and relative actions to treat acne, pigmentation, scars, light wrinkles, and dry-pale skin at Kaya.

The treatment seamlessly blends the 'look good factor with the feel good factor' in line with Kaya's philosophy to place its customer first, and its emphasis on highly customized and personalized services in state-of-the-art clinics.

The solutions enhance the skin to make it look healthier, fresher, younger and glowing. "Every element of the experience has been chosen with great care, from the intensive training of skin practitioners, to the high degree of hygiene and safety to the best of medical care, under the supervision of our 18 dermatologists across our 13 clinics in the region. The services uses the healing properties of oxygen and water to replenish the skin damaged by the hectic urban schedule and would fit perfectly during the Holy Month of Ramadan considering the dehydration the skin suffers from due to lack of water," said Mr Srivastav.

All services at Kaya Skin Clinic are approved by US FDA, which conform to the highest international quality standards and suited for all skin types, in line with its vision to deliver world-class hygiene services and skincare solutions. Its advisory panel conducts highly advanced skin treatments, besides hair free, anti-aging and hair care solutions and has catered to over 45,000 satisfied customers till date. 

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