Khaddam, not Miro to Run Syria in Interim

Published June 11th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Uncertainty engulfed the political climate in Syria amid conflicting reports over the likely leader of the interim period following president Hafez Assad’s death on Saturday. 

The official Syrian news agency (SANA) said that Vice President Abdul Halim Kahddam began to discharge the duties of a caretaker after issuing a statement endorsing the amendment of the constitution approved Saturday by the People’s Assembly. The amendment was bound to pave the way for Bashar Assad the son of the late president to succeed his father. 

Khaddam’s statement followed reports that Syria’s prime minister Musatafa Miro has been named as the country’s caretaker,  

The ruling Baath party’s leadership will meet for a landmark congress on June 17thto nominate Bashar as secretary general of the party, while the Peoples’ Assembly will meet on the 25th to elect Bashar as president, before submitting the candidacy to a public referendum, the date of which to be set at the same meeting. 

Observers predicted Saturday that Syrian defense minister Mustafa Tlas would be running the country for the three-month interim period, ruling out the possibility that Khaddam might step in to take office 

Khaddam’s responsibilities have been almost frozen by president Assad two years ago -- (Several Sources)  

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