Kingston Technology predicts robust regional growth in 2010

Published March 22nd, 2010 - 10:15 GMT

Kingston Technology Europe Limited, a subsidiary of Kingston Technology Company Inc, the independent world leader in memory products, today revealed that it expects robust growth in its revenues and unit sales in the Middle East in 2010. At a roundtable discussion held in Dubai, Antoine Harb, Business Development Manager for Kingston Technology in the Middle East said the region was the fastest growing for the memory maker and registered a 17 per cent growth in 2009 despite the economic crisis.

“Kingston Technology experienced an upward trend in both unit and revenues in 2009 and this is set to continue in 2010,” said Harb. “The memory market saw some financial recovery last year, like many other industries and Kingston Technology was able to benefit from the general rise in DRAM and Flash pricing. We also expanded our product line when we entered the SSD market at the beginning of 2009 and within 12 months, have gained a strong foothold in this burgeoning area.”

Kingston Technology’s global revenues reached $4.1 billion (U.S.) in 2009, a $100 million increase over 2008. Kingston Technology’s modest increase was attributed to a rise in average selling price, healthier demand from corporate end customers and consumers, and the company’s entry into the solid-state drive (SSD) market. “The rise in revenue marks a change from the previous year when an oversupply in chips and a weakened global economy led to a downturn in the memory industry,” said Harb.

Since its foray into the SSD market at the beginning of 2009, Kingston Technology has been at the forefront in driving SSD adoption among enterprise and end-users alike. “While SSDs have emerged out of a host of storage device options, on tenterhooks of becoming the next big storage device product, there continues to be much debate surrounding adoption of SSDs. To encourage adoption, Kingston Technology is positioning SSDs as a performance enhancing driver rather than a storage option,” said Steve Hall, SSD Product Manager at Kingston Technology.

Through his presentation to demonstrate the real price to performance ratio that SSDs have over traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Hall emphasized that performance, durability, ruggedness and power savings were the chief benefits of SSDs.

“2010 is the year of the SSD, and the tipping point when organisations and consumers have to stop thinking of SSDs in terms of price per gigabyte, but instead focus on the performance gains that SSDs have to offer. SSDs should be viewed as a performance upgrade solution and not a storage device. In times when IT spending is being reined in,  SSDs actually can save consumers and organizations’ money as they extend the performance and life of existing desktop and laptop systems, enable savings on power and cooling costs as well as those associated with maintenance and support, which are less likely to be needed with the reliability that comes with SSDs. We should be thinking of it as spending now in order to save later,” added Hall.

Depending on business requirements, Kingston Technology’s SSDNow range has a drive to meet every need.  The SSDNow V Series drive is suitable for a general desktop or client user. It is an entry level drive but still significantly outperforms standard HDDs.  The performance level of this drive and capacities available are sufficient for the day-to-day needs of users working with standard office applications. For more intensive use the SSNow V+ and SSDNow M Series drives are ideal for users dealing with large multimedia files such as videos. As SSD capacities are becoming higher these drives are ideal as HDD replacements in notebooks or systems with only one drive bay. 

In 2010, Kingston Technology also plans to increase focus on its HyperX range of memory products. The company witnessed a 400 per cent year on year revenue growth, and more than 430 per cent unit growth in 2009. With products such as the world’s fastest Intel-certified HyperX dual-channel DDR3 memory kit, Kingston Technology aims to increase its market share and maintain its position as the independent world leader in memory products.

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