Lebanese army to crack down on unlicensed drones

Published July 15th, 2015 - 04:27 GMT

The Lebanese army Wednesday warned traders and shops against selling drones to people without verifying their identities, one day after confiscating a drone on its way to militants in east Lebanon.

Following reports about an army crackdown on a militant group operating a drone in As-Sawiri village in central Bekaa, the army released a statement saying it had stopped an “attempt to smuggle a Flying Cam drone to militants on the eastern borders.”

The statement said the group sought to use the device in spying operations against Lebanese army military posts, adding that investigations were underway to find out who sold the drone.

“The army’s leadership warns institutions and individuals who are selling such drones of the need to verify the identity of the buyers and the purpose of use,” the military added.

It also notified drone owners of the need to request permits from the military before using them, saying they would be held accountable if the device was used in extremist operations.

According to The Daily Star’s security source, the army arrested a group of six Syrian nationals operating a small drone in east Lebanon Tuesday. Media reports said the group was using the drone to spy on areas in the eastern Lebanese mountain range.

The army's statement did not say whether any militants were arrested.

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