Lebanese minister says Israel is benefitting from rockets fired from Lebanon

Published July 28th, 2014 - 04:00 GMT

Amal MP Qassem Hashem said Sunday that rockets being launched from southern Lebanon into Israel were only benefiting the Jewish state and were in fact harming Lebanese border towns.

Speaking on a visit to the qada of Marjayoun, Hashem said the launching of the rockets was done “blindly" and was "pointless".

The lawmaker argued that the launching of rockets without an identity or goal, "only benefited the Israeli enemy, no matter the intentions of the firing, since a work of resistance cannot be in this senseless and random form.”

He said resistance movements underwent such operations in a very timely manner, and the rockets that were recently launched “do not benefit the residents of Gaza nor stability in Lebanon.”

Unidentified militants launched salvoes of rockets from south Lebanon toward Israel on several occasions earlier this month, prompting retaliatory Israeli shelling of southern villages and heightening tensions on a border that has generally been calm since the end of the 2006 summer war.

Several rockets have landed on Lebanese soil.

“Unfortunately those rockets being launched from Lebanese territories and which also fall in Lebanon have become a threat to residents of the border region,” Hashem said.

He called on putting an end to these actions, adding that there has been some leniency in this regard.

Hashem said it was now the time for wisdom and awareness, and commitment to bolstering stability in Gaza because that would benefit Gaza.

“Enough playing with wasted time which harms the interests of Lebanon, before anything else,” he said.

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