Lebanese Politicians Hopeful Syria-Lebanon Relation Redefined

Published June 16th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

By Nabil Al Mulhem 

Damascus – Albawaba.com 


Lebanese key politicians have expressed hope that the Syrian-Lebanese relation would be reconstructed on the basis of integration and uniqueness, after all the weaknesses of the past are aptly addressed. 

“The Syrian-Lebanese relation needs evaluation, so that all impurities marring it are removed,” demanded Edmond Abu Riziq, member of Parliament for Jizzin province. 

Abu Riziq told Albawaba.com on Thursday that the reconstruction should be on grounds of integration rather than containment, and interaction between the two parties, with maintaining the special identity of each. 

“As far as we are concerned, the relation with Syria has priority over everything, but those in power following the death to of president Hafez Assad should learn the morale of his experience. They should set out from the starting point, that is, the so-called Syrian Initiative, which the late Assad adopted as a pan-national and humanistic strategy,” he added. 

For his part, secretary general of Lebanon’s Phalangists Party, Karim Bakradouni, said that the relation between Lebanese president Emile Lahoud and Bashar Assad, the likely heir to his father, is so special that understanding and coordination between the two parties are ensured. 

Bakradouni said that Bashar supported Lahoud’s candidacy when he was in charge of the so-called Lebanon File. 

The politician voiced his hope that the relation between the two men would yield great results to the future of both countries. 

“…Rectifying the relation between Syria and Lebanon should be profound and standardized in a way that leaves no room for personal interests to take the opportunity. Correction should become institutionalized and based on mutual interests,” said the secretary. 

Abu Riziq agreed, dubbing the opportunists as “political exploitation professionals.” 

“These people take advantage of the Syrian presence in Lebanon to remain in positions they are not qualified to hold,” he said. 

According to Bakradouni, who is the author of “The Lost Peace,” in which he gave a deep analysis of the late Syrian president’s character, Bashar Assad does not need international recognition of him as the new Syrian leader, because power is being transited to him through constitutional channels.  

“Rulers who come to power through coups or revolutions are the ones who seek recognition, which is not the case with Bashar.” 



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