Lebanon Elections: Pro-Reform Candidates Win Seats, Hezbollah Loses Majority

Published May 17th, 2022 - 08:24 GMT
Lebanon Elections: Pro-Reform Candidates Win Seats, Hezbollah Loses Majority
A Lebanese woman casts her ballot as she votes for the parliamentary election at a polling station in the capital Beirut's southern suburbs, on May 15, 2022. Lebanon voted in its first election since multiple crises dragged it to the brink of failed statehood, with the ruling elite expected to comfortably weather public anger. The parliamentary election is a first test for opposition movements spawned by an unprecedented anti-establishment uprising in 2019 that briefly raised hopes of regime change in Lebanon. (Photo by LOUAI BESHARA / AFP)

Pro-reform, opposition candidates won at least 13 seats in Lebanon's new parliament and Hezbollah along with its allies lost a 2018 majority, winning 62 seats according to election results announced by the interior ministry.

The seats won by the opposition candidates mark an unprecedented gain for reformists in Lebanon's parliament and allow them to appeal any law presented to the parliament, which requires a unanimous vote from at least 10 members of parliament.

The win for political reformists in the recent elections comes after multiple crises and years of corruption, political incompetence and economic mishandling left Lebanese citizens desperate to see change for the better.


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