Maani & Al Qadi Inaugurate Two Traffic Departments, North & East of Amman

Published March 17th, 2010 - 10:35 GMT

Public Security Directorate and Greater Municipality of Amman (GAM) inaugurated North and East Amman traffic departments to provide services and facilitate to the citizens on the spot.

Mayor of Amman, Omar Maani, participated in the inauguration ceremony with Head of the Public Security, Major General Mazen Al Qadi, during which Maani ascertained the cooperation between the two parties in different fields to positively impact the citizens’ interest.

He said that opening the traffic departments in the north and east of Amman meets the incessant need resulting from the architectural expansion and population crowdedness in these areas.

He added that GAM is a partner in the traffic security and it will never hesitate to cooperate with the Public Security directorate to serve the citizens and the country, and to reach the level of excellence in servicing them.

Major General, Mazen AL Qadi, clarified that the Public Security Directorate perseveres on applying its strategy to provide the best security services through implementing modern buildings, maintaining the existing ones, and providing them with the latest administrative and technical equipment.

He further said that setting up traffic departments in different regions has a positive role in eliminating the traffic accidents, maintaining supervision on the roads, and facilitating the citizens’ transactions and procedures.
Al Qadi stressed the Directorate’s keenness on preserving the heritage and the old buildings with historical value, by renovating the Desert Forces castle in Al Ashrafiyeh, and setting up an East Amman Traffic section, emanating from location, to preserve this monument which is one of the oldest landmarks of the Public Security, and to reflect an image of interaction between the local community and the public security system.

It is worth noting that the Public Security Directorate inaugurated many traffic departments in many provinces, and it is still working on opening more departments in the rest of the Kingdom’s provinces,  

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