Mark Wahlberg Reveals Rumors Of Relationships With Ryder And Aniston Are False

Published June 26th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Aside from his new movie with George Clooney, there have been a few storms brewing around Mark Wahlberg lately, according to Hollywood Online.  

There have been rumors that he was dating Winona Ryder and Jennifer Aniston.  

"The Winona rumor is really ridiculous. I did not break up her relationship with Matt Damon. I've met Matt. He's a really nice guy," says Wahlberg.  

"Winona and I had met a few times to talk about doing a movie together. The project never materialized. That's all there ever was to that."  

Wahlberg and Aniston just completed work on the film Metal God, in which she plays his girlfriend.  

"My mom read the stories ... and called me. She was furious. She told me to leave that nice Brad Pitt's girl alone.  

"I couldn't believe my mom bought that nonsense. I consider Brad a good friend. I'd never do something like that to him,” said Wahlberg.  

"Besides, I have my own girlfriend. I don't need to steal anyone else's girl," he added.  

Wahlberg has been dating Jordana Brewster, who played Nikki Graves on As the World Turns, since he broke up with China Chow, his co-star in The Big Hit.  

He may be in a relationship, but don't expect to see Wahlberg marching to the altar any time soon.  

"I have some problems with commitment, or else you'd see me married with children." 

It all started when, in the beginning of May of this year, rumors spread all throughout various tabloids stating that Walhlberg was having affairs with the two actresses. 

On May 9th, the Enquirer, for example, printed the headline “Winona Caught In Love Triangle;” the men?, her boyfriend Matt Damon and of course, Wahlberg. 

The Enquirer, however, reported that Winona denied the allegations saying “nonsense!” 

On the other hand, the American tabloid also said that Damon was mad with jealousy over Winona’s growing friendship with Wahlberg. Both Damon and Ryder’s spokesmen said that the story was unfounded, while Wahlberg’s spokesman refused to comment. 

Later that month, on May 23, the Enquirer reported that “Jealous Brad Pitt exploded at fiancée Jennifer Anniston for getting cozy with movie hunk Mark Wahlberg.” 

Jennifer and Mark had been filming Metal God together at the time. 

The Enquirer sourced its story to a “friend” of Brad’s saying that Wahlberg and Aniston were constantly running back to her trailer during filming to sit alone. They would also giggle, laugh and whisper private jokes to each other. 

The tabloid wrote that Brad had erupted at Aniston when he found out about her frequent private rendezvous with Wahlberg, shouting “I want him staying out of your trailer!” shouted Pitt at his fiancé—albawaba (Various Sources). 

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