MasterCard Cedar Miles from Bank Audi and Middle East Airlines A Partnership for Miles

Published March 17th, 2010 - 04:08 GMT

Bank Audi and Middle East Airlines (MEA) announced that they were taking their partnership one step further by launching the MasterCard Cedar Miles card in the Jordanian market. This comes after five years of success witnessed by the MasterCard Cedar Miles Gold and Classic cards in Lebanon where they have become leading programs.

On this occasion, Bank Audi sal - Jordan Branches and Middle East Airlines organised a luncheon at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Wednesday, March 17, in presence of over 250 social, economic and press figures, as well as of Mr. Basel Eltell, Vice-president and Regional Manager, Levant MasterCard Worldwide, Mrs. Ayla Damé, Director of Customer Services at MEA, Mr. Wissam El Hout, Manager for MEA in Jordan, representatives of the Bank’s Management, and Mrs. Randa Bdeir, Head of Electronic Banking and Cards Services at Bank Audi sal - Audi Saradar Group.

Commenting on the subject, Mr. Fadi Saade, Head of Retail Banking at Bank Audi sal - Jordan Branches, said: “The MasterCard Cedar Miles card includes two constituents: the Platinum and the Classic cards. It is also the only credit card which combines the unique benefits of two industries: airline services and banking. Furthermore, it enables customers to make their purchases in a flexible and safe mode at millions of merchants worldwide, allowing them to accumulate free miles at the same time. The principle is simple: cardholders win one free mile for every Jordanian Dinar spent on their Cedar Miles account. These miles are then redeemed against free airline tickets on board all flights of MEA and its partner companies.

Mrs. Randa Bdeir added: “The launching of MasterCard Cedar Miles in the Hashemite Kingdom comes as a natural consequence of the Bank’s successful partnership with MEA, especially after the launch of the card in Lebanon, which had a very positive outcome, mainly because of the benefits it offers its holders. At Bank Audi, we always strive to offer a substantial number of innovative products, particularly in the field of electronic payment cards, with a view to answering the needs of all social classes, be it wealthy individuals, or employees, women, university students, frequent travellers, etc. This goal lies within what has become known as “product segmentation”, which consists in dividing products in a way to attract all social segments and provide them with solutions that are adapted to their way of life and to their income.”

Mrs. Ayla Damé underlined that “travel remains the strongest drive of customer loyalty and that the uniqueness of this card lies in the bonus miles being directly credited to the cardholders’ Cedar Miles account – a consequence of his daily spendings –, and redeeming them against free airline tickets or upgrades they can enjoy personally or with their family.”

As for Mr. Bassel Eltell, he stated: “We, at MasterCard, are pleased to collaborate with Bank Audi sal - Jordan Branches and Middle East Airlines to offer safe, multiple benefit payment solutions which answer the needs of Jordanian customers and, on top of being designed to offer unique advantages, are accepted at millions of points of sale worldwide.”

Benefits of the MasterCard Cedar Miles card
The MasterCard Cedar Miles card allows its holder to benefit from the following advantages:
- A welcome bonus of 3000 miles.
- 1 mile for every Jordanian Dinar spent on the Platinum card, and 1 mile for every 1.5 Jordanian Dinar spent on the Classic card.
- Insurance on travel accidents up to USD 100,000 for every cardholder.
- Insurance against the theft of purchases made using the card, up to USD 1500.
- Immediate checking, through the Internet, of monthly spendings, in addition to the SMS Alert service on the cardholder’s mobile phone, and the e-statement service.

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