Mayor of Amman Meets the Citizens and Listens to their Demands on the Open Day

Published March 17th, 2010 - 10:04 GMT

Mayor of Amman, Omar Maani, emphasized that no new licenses are to be issued for the kiosks in the Capital to eliminate random deployment. 

During his monthly meeting with the 300 citizens, and in presence of officials of Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), the Mayor said that GAM is working on creating and developing the popular markets to be substitutes for the kiosks which became traffic hazards in the City streets. 

Maani pointed out that GAM issued instructions to license the coffee kiosks, in order not to cause negative traffic and environmental ramifications. He further said that GAM will not renew licenses for the violating coffee kiosks. 

The Mayor listened to the citizens’ demands and claims which were mostly about roads organization, opening, and pavements, providing public transportation services, and other services.

He stressed on GAM’s keenness to resolve and follow up on all their needs by the concerned departments, which shall positively affect the municipal services extended to the city and the citizens.

Commenting on one of the citizens’ notes, Maani clarified that Al Dustour Street in Nazzal neighborhood, is one of the well organized and model streets of the city, and currently a survey is being underway on GAM’s stores to ensure that there is no violations or law breaking before renewing the vocational licenses.

Maani stated that since GAM handled the issues of the vital and important sector of transportation, it has been deeply concerned with developing the sector in terms of quality and quantity, emphasizing that the Public Transportation Dept. at GAM is conducting a study on the citizens’ demands to find new lines (routes), and increase the number of buses.

The Mayor also declared that GAM recently opened parks, paved roads, and planted trees in the spaces of Marka housing area, and he added that the renovation and maintenance works in the sane area are still running.

He declared that the kiosks’ owners in the Schools Street in Jabal Al Nuzha shall be given more time, until the end of the year, to study their situation as the citizens of the area claim that  these kiosks offer them services and do not affect the traffic and pedestrians’ movement.

Engineer Maani promised to study and follow up on one of the citizens’ notes in Al Kursi neighborhood in Wadi Seer, which requests setting up a 30 m wide street.

During the open day which GAM allocated for the citizens, the Mayor called on the concerned departments at GAM to study all the notes, claims, and demands raised by the citizens, and to ensure finding prompt, necessary and pertinent solutions should they be valid and need to be addressed.

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