Mayor of Amman Receives Addustour's Chief Editor

Published October 13th, 2009 - 02:42 GMT

Mayor of Amman, Engineer Omar Maani, recently received, in his office, chief editor of the Arabic daily, Addustour, Mr. Mohammad Hassan El-Tal, during which the Mayor commended the daily's devotion and spirit of responsibility and constructive criticism.

Maani said that Addustour is one of the Kingdom's oldest dailies, and well-known for its professionalism and credibility. He pointed to the rapid development that the newspaper has witnessed recently.

The Mayor indicated that GAM will inaugurate, on October 10th, the second part of the Shmeisani tunnel which is the biggest of its kind in Jordan. He termed the tunnel as "Amman's ring road", which will take in about 12000 vehicles per hour.

Maani pointed to the current traffic jams that hit some of Amman's streets, saying that time has come to promote the public transport. He said that the Municipality is currently developing this vital sector in a long process that may take many years to overcome the traffic jams in the Capital, bearing in mind Amman's rapid architectural development.

He noted that 63% of the privately-owned vehicles are used by individuals, which is one of the main causes of the daily traffic jams. And, 60% of the university students are using private cars to reach their destinations.

On another front, Maani said the number of employees at the Municipality is estimated at 23000, half of whom are using their private cars.

He indicated that the rate of Jordanians working as sweepers in Amman has increased lately, from 40% last year to 70% this year, following the Municipality's decision to raise their salaries from JD105 to JD200 a month.

On his part, Chief Editor of Addustour, Mr. El-Tal hailed the role of GAM and its various departments in enhancing the development of Amman, capital of the Hashemite dynasty that we all are proud of.

El-Tal said that the Municipality has launched a number of major projects in the Capital, which add to the development process, attract more investments, and provide the City with highly developed infrastructure that can take in more projects for the betterment of the nation. The Chief Editor stressed that the Jordanian press institutions are wholeheartedly in support of all achievements aimed at serving Jordan and its citizens.

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