Meydan: Bringing Youth Passionate Ideas into Reality

Meydan: Bringing Youth Passionate Ideas into Reality
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Published September 21st, 2010 - 09:44 GMT

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Officially launched on September 20, Meydan is an organization that supports youth and their innovative ideas by developing such creativity from concept to financial return, and focusing on the value of speed.

The launching event was attended by media representatives, in addition to prominent and active members of society.

Initiated in 2010 by Al Jude for Science Care, Meydan runs three programs almost in parallel; the Accelerator, Idea Space and Volunteer program(s).

The new accelerator is not based solely on financial aid; it rather aims at creating value at speed utilizing knowledge, proven tools, and hard work to enable the passionate youth make a real difference.

"Meydan is more than just an accelerator for entrepreneurs; through this program, we intend to strengthen a national community of those who turn their passions and ideas into ventures or businesses," Khaled Sadeddin Meydan's Chief Coach Manager maintained.

Sadeddin also expressed high hopes of Meydan's ability to find a new platform for creative minds to meet and exchange their ideas.

In addition, Meydan's manager spoke about the program's consultative empowering side as it "offers the young with advice and knowledge that could transform a still idea into a refreshing fruitful business which not only generates revenues but also promotes a knowledge-based economy."

At Meydan, idea generators are given the chance to build their companies in 9 weeks.

Right Pixels is a true inspiring Meydan success story; a website which offers professional services and a one stop shop for all businesses' needs to build a website.

Jawdat Shammas, Right Pixels Founder says "We are glad to have come this far through Meydan, for an idea to become a business engaging people, revenues and creativity."

"At, we set up, customize, and design online businesses up-to-date-; what was once a simple idea now has grown into a thriving business," he added.

Sadeddin encouraged the youth to be bold, and take a step forward towards their dreams and ideas.

"There are great potentials, especially among the youth; such successes will surely pave the way for more entrepreneurs who will brilliantly change our community only for the best," he concluded. 

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