Microsoft Jordan Fact Sheet

Published February 14th, 2010 - 08:52 GMT

Microsoft Jordan
• Established in 2001 as the first multinational IT company to establish a presence in the Kingdom following a visit by Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman, in December 2000.
• Microsoft Jordan is a Jordanian entity, staffed by Jordanians dedicated to contributing to the development of Jordan.
• Mrs Rula Ammuri appointed as Microsoft Jordan Country Manager in December 2009.

Microsoft Jordan’s Objectives
• Microsoft Jordan is committed to playing an active role in helping Jordan achieve the objectives of His Majesty King Abdallah II that envision making Jordan an ICT hub for the region.
• Microsoft Jordan aims to help local businesses innovate, save money and help foster growth and new thinking together with robust partner ecosystem.
• The Microsoft Jordan’s partner ecosystem in the Kingdom is providing value to both the economy overall as well as individual organizations.
• Microsoft Jordan is working with the government, industry and society to source and scale innovative solutions for shared economic, social and environmental challenges.
• Microsoft Jordan’s ICT Strategy for the Kingdom will develop local ICT skills and contribute to enhance education, help attract investments, create knowledge, create employment, increase exports and establish Jordan as an IT hub in the region.

Microsoft Jordan’s Agreements with the Government
• Agreement with the Government aims to help achieve the objectives of the National ICT Strategy.
• Enterprise Agreement covers 120 governmental entities including the Jordanian Armed Forces, Jordanian Air Force and the Greater Amman Municipality, providing the government with a wide range of Microsoft technologies including desktop operating systems, productivity software, client access to services and supporting server platforms, in addition to training of government employees and consultancy to the government. 
• Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) includes direct and indirect investments by Microsoft Jordan in strategic programs that the MoICT will embark on.
• Since the first SPA was signed in 2003, Microsoft Jordan has made considerable investments in the Jordanian IT sector whether directly as sponsor of an MOICT program or indirectly through IT skills development training provided by the Microsoft Innovation Center.
• The latest SPA proposes a solution/model that will touch on all pillars addressed in the national ICT strategy, providing online access to the internet through a specialized device, provide online services through a software + services model built on a private cloud and provide knowledge transfer on content creation. This national offering will drive the growth of an ecosystem around it in order to ensure its success, thereby creating more jobs, skills and revenue for the sector. 

• Microsoft Jordan has 250 partners in Jordan who account for 85% of the IT industry in the Kingdom.
• Microsoft Jordan partners employ approximately 10,000 people, and contribute an estimated $250 million to the country’s GDP.
• Microsoft Jordan’s partners in Jordan have access to a global network of experts and resources that will enable them to gain insight and knowledge on the latest technologies, learn new skills and create new solutions to better serve their clients.
• Through Microsoft Jordan’s various programs and initiatives local partners have access to a comprehensive range of training programs in order to further develop their employees’ IT skills.
• Every dollar of Microsoft revenue generates approximately $7 for the local ecosystem.
• Annual tax revenues in Jordan generated from companies in the local IT ecosystem who provide Microsoft related services and products surpassed $30 million in 2005.

• Microsoft Jordan is working with the government, local IP organizations and the Business Software Alliance in order to strengthen IP protection in the Kingdom.
• Microsoft Jordan is committed to creating a safe environment for local creators and innovators to flourish and grow.
• The Piracy rate in Jordan in 2009 dropped to below the regional average of 59% to 58% for the first time. In 2006 the rate was 61% in Jordan.
• A 10-point drop in the global 35% piracy rate over four years would add 2.4 million new jobs, $400 billion in economic growth and generate $67 billion in tax revenues around the world.
• Benefits of proper IP protection include increasing jobs for workers, expanding choices for consumers, increasing tax revenues for the government to spend on social services, improving productivity for businesses, promoting opportunities for entrepreneurs, encouraging the growth of local innovation, attracting foreign investment.

Microsoft Jordan’s Contribution to the Local Community
• Microsoft Unlimited Potential program in Jordan includes the following projects:
• Transforming Education: Microsoft Jordan’s Partners in Learning program is one of the main drivers of the Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) investing approximately $2.5 million over the years in various programs aimed at enhancing education in Jordan.
• Creating Jobs and Opportunities: In partnership with local NGOs, businesses, academic institutions and industry, Microsoft Jordan is accelerating IT skills development by implementing various programs throughout Jordan including the Knowledge Station initiative, ICT Youth Employment with Injaz, the e-Libraries and e-village programs, capacity development for Micro and Small enterprises and the Youth Empowerment initiative.
• Fostering Local Innovation: Microsoft Jordan handed over the School Technology Innovation Centre (STIC) to the government in 2008 and also established the Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) in 2009.
• The MIC was established in February 2009 with the purpose of providing students, software developers, start ups, IT professionals and entrepreneurs with an environment for innovation, thereby improving local skills, creating jobs, strengthening innovation and driving competitiveness.
• Over 3,500 beneficiaries have received training at the MIC including  657 developers, 1,420 university students, 1,130 IT professionals, 224 Microsoft Partners, 55 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and 15 Startups.
• Active programs include DreamSpark, BizSpark, .Net Clubs and the Imagine Cup.
• Eight teams - with free access to 83 Microsoft software titles, software design technologies and exclusive learning resources - competed in the Imagine Cup Jordan 2009. 3 Jordanian teams went on to participate in the Global Imagine Cup Final 2009 in Cairo – the world’s premier student technology competition – one of whom, ECRAM, won third place for the Interoperability Award with their project Elder Children Remote Application For Mobile.
• Launched Innovative Teachers Network in Jordan in 2007 connecting local teachers and educators with global community of teachers enhancing teaching and learning through use of technology.

Most Recent and Upcoming Microsoft Product Launches
• Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 launched in Jordan by Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner in November 2009.
• Wave 14 products including
• Office 2010 – the next generation of productivity tools that allows users to express their ideas, solve problems and connect with people across the PC, the phone and browser whether at work, home or in school.
• Exchange Server 2010 – The cornerstone of Microsoft’s unified communications technologies, enabling efficient and productive collaboration amongst users from anywhere in addition to providing lower IT costs with flexible, reliable and secure messaging platforms.
• SharePoint 2010 is the business collaboration platform that enables users to connect and empower people through formal and informal business communities, within the enterprise and beyond, and to manage content throughout the information lifecycle.

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