Mikimoto presents its thrilling neo vintage jewellery collection!

Published October 19th, 2009 - 03:03 GMT

Mikimoto, the legendary pearling pioneer and renowned jeweller unfurls its classic 2009 Neo Vintage collection featuring its magical pearls in a path breaking venture in history! For the first time ever, the renowned design house presents an entire jewellery collection featuring diamonds set in Mikimoto pearls. 

Literally cutting-edge, the Neo Vintage collection posed a true challenge to its designers as the skills required to cut a pearl, in order to help it hold a diamond and its white gold setting, demands tremendous precision guided by a steady hand. And though a laser is used to guarantee a smooth edge, it is a highly risky enterprise which could damage the priceless merchandise. It is indeed to its credit that the well known pearling pioneer has surpassed its mission with superlative and thrilling results for its fans.  

Mikimoto’s Neo Vintage collection offers an enthralling array of earrings, pendant chains and rings featuring both white South Sea pearls and black Tahitian pearls encrusted with diamonds in white gold settings. The design artistry of the collection presents a versatile range of jewels for both day time allure and evening drama! For pieces featuring white pearls make perfect boardroom accompaniment while those featuring smouldering, black Tahitian pearls make great adornment with one’s evening wear.

Mikimoto European and Middle East Sales Manager, Jeremy Burbanks commented, “By directly combining diamonds and pearls, Mikimoto transforms each of them into priceless bouquets. It is a truly remarkable breakthrough that will set new trends in jewellery. The sparkle of the finest diamonds enhances the pearl’s lustre, to set Neo Vintage apart as one of the season’s finest array of jewellery collections designed exclusively for women who are aware of their unique essence and are confident of asserting it.”

Neo Vintage’s stud earrings gain added allure with the diamond-studded pearls set in the heart of an elaborate ‘weave’ of diamond-studded white gold settings tracing an elaborate floral feature. This is matched by a majestic pendant chain strung with a similar floral pendant while the matching ring is a piece its wearer could gaze all day long for its constellation-like beauty. 

Neo Vintage’s pieces featuring black Tahitian pearls capture the drama of the night sky, where its intense dark hues recall the sky and the sparkle of the diamonds play its starry grandeur. Its bewitching drop earrings feature dramatic black Tahitian pearls strung on delicate strands of white gold set with white diamonds.

Over a century ago in 1893, when Mikimoto cultured the first pearl he set off a wave that is still felt today in the jewellery industry, with pearls often compared to as being of ‘Mikimoto quality’. His dream to adorn the necks of all women with pearls of the finest kind provided the incentive to establish one of the most talked about jewellery houses in the world ranked alongside other great names.

Only the highest standards of excellence distinguish Mikimoto pearls, and it uses only the top 5% of its annual harvest. Its proprietary grading system is based on four factors: lustre, colour, shape and surface perfection of each pearl. Its world famous jewellery collections pay grand tribute to the timeless charm of its merchandise in the finest blend of gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones. And its grand pearl strands are coveted world over for their unsurpassed beauty. The brand’s other collections include its elegant Infinity collection, its intricate Milano: Dragonfly and its highly contemporary Midnight collection.

Discover Mikimoto’s timeless magic in its new Neo Vintage collection now available at Saks Fifth Avenue BurJuman and at Damas Les Exclusives Boutiques in Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and at Mina A’ Salam.

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