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Published March 17th, 2010 - 02:06 GMT

Fantastic Offer of Ten Free International Minutes on All Shahry Services Extended to 6 April due to Popular Response

Doha, Qatar

Qtel’s innovative “Stop the Clock” international promotion, where customers pay for five minutes of international talk time and receive an extra 10 international minutes for free, has proven so popular with the people of Qatar that it has been extended.

The promotion will now run until 6 April, so that Qtel Shahry customers can continue to speak to their friends and families in the most popular call destinations in the world, at the discounted rates.

The promotion works by providing callers with an additional ten free minutes of international call time for every five minutes they talk. Shahry customers can enjoy clock-stopping conversations with people in more than 40 countries across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas. 

The offer was developed following Qtel research that showed customers wanted more talk time for the calls that mattered the most to them.  Many customers also wanted to be able to talk for a long time, without having to worry about the price.

In addition, because of the strength and reliability of Qtel’s world-class international network, customers wanted to make full use of the clarity and dependability of their calls with Qtel.

The “Stop the Clock” International Promotion is very simple to understand. For every five minutes of charged calling, customers receive up to 10 minutes free. This means that for every 15 minutes of international calling, Shahry customers only pay for five minutes.

The cycle constantly repeats, so that if a conversation goes for 30 minutes, only 10 minutes are charged. If an international call does not quite last until the full 15 minutes, customers need not worry, as after the first five minutes of charged calling, up to the next 10 minutes are free.

The charged portion of “Stop the Clock” calls is made at the corresponding peak (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and off-peak (7 p.m. to 7 a.m.) rates. For example, a 15 minute call during the off-peak period to GCC countries will cost just QR 6.50 – that’s just QR 0.43 per minute.

For all other countries, a 15-minute call at off-peak time costs just QR 9.00, which equals a per-minute rate of QR 0.60.

Stop the Clock applies to Shahry Standard and Shahry Value Packs services and the service applies to calls to the following “Stop the Clock” Countries:

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