Musheireb Mesmerises Munich

Musheireb Mesmerises Munich
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Published October 14th, 2010 - 16:21 GMT

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Dohaland's stand at the recently held EXPO REAL, Munich - Germany, was visited by thousands of visitors who were overwhelmed by the company's plans for the future of Qatar's capital Doha. EXPO REAL is Europe's premier real estate exhibition, with architects, developers and real estate professionals from around the world attending in large numbers, and Dohaland was lauded as the world's first sustainable property developer regenerating a downtown area on such a large scale from the Middle East.

Dohaland's Musheireb stand, whose design was inspired by the company's Knowledge Enrichment Centre, contained artifacts, images, interactive displays and traditional elements to facilitate peoples' understanding of the process, progression and origins of Dohaland's new architectural language. The stand also featured a traditional Qatari majlis as well as the exhibition's largest scale model on display.

"We are delighted with the impact that we have made on the international stage and the interest shown by visitors and media alike in our project. Showcasing Musheireb as the world's first sustainable downtown regeneration project highlights Qatar's position as the promoter for sustainable and culturally sensitive developments in the region. The combination of a LEED certified downtown development combined with a bespoke architectural language resonated across the industry," said Eng. Issa M. Al Mohannadi, CEO of Dohaland.

As well as engaging the visitors, Dohaland's CEO Eng. Issa M. Al Mohannadi was a keynote speaker at EXPO REAL Forum, which offers insights into the latest trends and themes of the Real Estate industry and features high profile industry experts. The forum is considered to be the most important information exchange in the commercial Real Estate industry - further testament to Dohaland and Qatar's growing reputation on the global stage.

The panel addressed issues ranging from the role of urban development to importance of private sector involvement and sustainability issues, the discussion however ultimately focused on the lessons Qatar and Dohaland can teach the world, and how the architectural language of Musheireb will lead to more sustainable developments.

Eng. Al Mohannadi concluded: "Dohaland is certainly not a conventional property developer. Musheireb is designed to be a sustainable, community focused, environment friendly and a visual masterpiece of modern Qatari architecture. It has all the elements required to be the standard for urban development projects around the world. The new city centre of Qatar's capital Doha, Musheireb will be a shining example of how architecture can be a driver of social and environmental change anywhere." 

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