National Bonds February millionaires committed to saving

Published March 17th, 2010 - 10:08 GMT

National Bonds Corporation PJSC, which is licensed and regulated by the UAE Central Bank, has continued to reward its bondholders for saving and investing in their Sharia-compliant scheme with their weekly lucrative prize draw.
Two UAE nationals and two Indian Nationals were the February millionaires each winning the AED One Million in the weekly draws. Mr. Mohammed AlRaessi, a UAE national residing in  Ajman, and a professional  from  the petroleum industry, did not even in his wildest dreams imagine that he would wake up from his sleep after a hard day’s work and become one million dirhams richer.
The newest member of the National Bonds millionaire family commented: “I started saving with National Bonds one and half years ago, on the recommendation of one of my  friends to save not only in  a Sharia-compliant scheme  but also a rewarding one. Until now, I had been winning the smaller prizes but this came as a surprise that is too good to be true, I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that I have actually won one million Dirhams and will definitely continue to retain part of my winnings with National Bonds to make it grow more and more” said Mr. AlRaessi.
Mrs. Fouzia. R. H., an Indian national, another bondholder who became a millionaire in the February draws, said: “The winning was a great surprise; it came at the right time when my family is commencing major life changing decisions in a few months.  I never thought of saving to win any prize and can’t believe that I have become a millionaire. The intention is to  keep the grand prize with National Bonds and save more to ensure my 13-year old son and my 7-year old daughter have a solid education” said Fouzia.


Mr. Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, CEO of National Bonds Corporation PJSC, said: “We are encouraged to know that our winners have reposed their trust in our saving scheme and are realizing the importance of saving for a secured future. We at National Bonds are committed to live up to the trust placed in our saving scheme by over half a million bondholders who have different goals and ambitions to achieve a successful life and  who have clearly endorsed National Bonds as “Everyone’s Favourite Place to Save and Invest”.

National Bonds recently announced their annual 2009 profit rate of 3.54 %, which is higher than the average rate of 3.25% on savings and term deposits.   “Our cumulative profit rate of 16.64 % over the last three years is among the highest payout in comparison to any other similar savings schemes in the UAE”.
Another unique initiative, the “Individual Takaful Cover”, was launched in January 2010 that will offer coverage up to AED 125,000 for our valued bondholders. This coverage is based on a Shari’a-compliant takaful platform and is being provided to all individual bondholders from 12 months to 70 years old. More than half a million National Bonds customers are benefiting from the “Takaful” coverage without any premium contribution. This cover is based on the Islamic insurance “Takaful” and managed by a Sharia compliant insurance company, Aman”.

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