Nepalese plane crashes, tens dead

Published January 15th, 2023 - 07:50 GMT
Airplane crashed

ALBAWABA – Tens of bodies have been recovered from the site of an plane crash in Pokhara airport in central Nepal on Sunday.

The Yeti Airlines ATR72 plane crashed while landing following a flight from Kathmandu. So far, the cause of the crash remains unknown.

International media outlets said the bodies of 40 victims, most of them Nepalese, have been recovered.

The domestic flight carried 72 passengers and crew members. The plane separated into pieces as it landed.

Initial photos and videos circulated widely showed thick black smoke billowing in the skies and smoldering debris.

#شاهد | تحطُّم طائرة من طراز ATR72 في #نيبال على متنها 68 شخصاً بالإضافة إلى 4 أشخاص من طاقمها

— TRT عربي (@TRTArabi) January 15, 2023

The final death toll and whether there were any survivors are yet to be announced.

Nepalese Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal tweeted his deep sorrow over the unfortunate incident, imploring the Nepal Public Security personnel and the general public to start an effective rescue operation.

काठमाडौंबाट यात्रु लिएर पोखराका लागि उडेको यती एयरलाइन्सको एएनसी एटीआर ७२ जहाजको दुखद र त्रासदीपूर्ण दुर्घटनाप्रति गहिरो दुख व्यक्त गर्दछु। प्रभावकारी उद्दारमा लाग्न सुरक्षाकर्मी, नेपाल सरकार सम्पूर्ण निकाय र आम जनसमुदायमा हार्दिक अपील गर्दछु।

— ☭ Comrade Prachanda (@cmprachanda) January 15, 2023

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