New education model tailored for MENA students launched in Dubai

New education model tailored for MENA students launched in Dubai
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Published September 1st, 2010 - 13:02 GMT

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Dubai American Scientific School (DASS), a private school providing high-quality American education in Dubai, has recently signed an agreement with Mosaica Education, Inc., a global leader in education reform, to implement a new education model tailor-made for schools in the Middle East and North Africa. Under the agreement, the specially developed education model, which combines the best practices of the American education system with the region's cultural values and heritage, will initially be implemented at DASS in Dubai and will gradually be introduced to other private schools as part of a wide-scale initiative to overhaul and enhance the education system across the region.

 Up to 80 per cent of the UAE population is made up of foreign nationals, while several other countries in the Middle East likewise feature a high percentage of expatriate population. This highlights the importance of implementing a specialised education model that considers the cultural diversity present in schools across the region.

 Hikmat AlHaj Al-Kaitoob, Vice Chairman, DASS, said: “With its rich history of contribution to knowledge, the Middle East is a natural venue for such a powerful partnership and a groundbreaking learning concept. Having a student population that represents diverse cultures, the Dubai American Scientific School, for its part, is uniquely positioned to launch this education model, which we hope to introduce throughout the region. DASS had been on the lookout for the best K-12 education provider and we are pleased that Mosaica has come up with an education model that we believe is best suited for the Middle East. We are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking initiative, which we believe will also complement the goal of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, of raising the standards and quality of education in the region.”

 Michael J Connelly, Chief Executive Officer of Mosaica, added: "Mosaica has developed a new educational model that integrates the best practices of the American education system with the region's cultural values and heritage, optimising the learning experience and protecting the sensitivities of children from different cultural backgrounds. We believe that Dubai American Scientific School is the ideal partner for the launch of this education model because of the school's excellent track record and its unique schooling philosophy that embraces modern and innovative education concepts. We are confident that DASS will successfully help us illustrate the great value and importance of the new education model, which will ultimately encourage private investors, governments and other education stakeholders to adopt this powerful education concept in private and public schools across the Middle East."

 DASS is a high-quality K-12 private school in Dubai that is renowned for its unique and modernschooling philosophy that applies the rules of scientific research to the education model. The school features a highly competent teaching staff and is managed by a school board made up of prominent members of the UAE's education sector.

Mosaica currently operates over 80 elementary, middle and high school programs in the USA and other countries, and has served more than 40,000 students in the last 13 years. Building on its extensive experience working with a variety of schools, Mosaica has been developing independent and private schools around the world, providing quality education programs tailored to their particular needs and cultures.

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