Nigeria's senate says Kadhafi is ”mad man”

Published March 18th, 2010 - 01:58 GMT

The speaker of Nigeria's senate has described Moamer Kadhafi as a "mad man" after the Libyan leader suggested splitting the country between the Christian and Muslim communities to end sectarian violence. According to AFP, David Mark stated that Kadhafi's remarks were hardly worth dignifying with a response.


"With all due respect, why do you want to give a mad man that level of publicity?" Mark was quoted as saying in several local dailies on Thursday. "A mad man who said the same thing about England ... and he said the same thing about every other country and then you want to give him any prominence at all," said Mark. "Truly, in my candid opinion, I don't think he deserves our attention."


Kadhafi proposed earlier this week that Nigeria should follow the partition model of Pakistan, which was born in 1947 after the Muslim minority of predominantly Hindu India founded their own homeland.


Several hundreds of people were killed in the past two weeks in sectarian violence in Nigeria's central Plateau State.


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