NIIC Launches Production Lines of Washing Machines and

NIIC Launches Production Lines of Washing Machines and
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Published October 11th, 2010 - 09:53 GMT

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The National Integrated Industries Complex (NIIC), the first industrial complex of its kind in the Middle East, announced the full preparation of its washing machines factory, as its production lines and operation have actually kicked off. This step is part of the final phase of setting up the industrial complex specialized in manufacturing electric and electronic home appliances.

The announcement was published after receiving the NIIC's internal regular reports which revealed progress in line with the Complex's operational strategies set for the foundational phases; the reports indicated the readiness of the washing machines factory, the availability of raw materials, and the launch of the production lines.

This official announcement was preceded by an experimental period, supervised by the NIIC teamwork and foreign experts. This period included producing five thousand automatic washing machines, 80% of which is manufactured by NIIC. This phase also comprised inspection and check up on the production lines' performance, the raw materials' qualification, and the application of the quality specifications adopted at the NIIC.

The washing machines factory at the NIIC depends on the integrated manufacturing approach (Complete Knock Down CKD), referring to actual manufacturing of all pieces and units of an automatic washing machine inside the factory. NIIC adopted this principle in light of its positive influence on the effectiveness of the operating capital, as well as saving efforts and exportation periods.

Mr. Mashhour Abdullah El- Basha, CEO of NIIC, clarifies that the Complex started to export automatic washing machines after selling some in the local market, and said: "Upon the conclusion of the experimental period of the automatic washing machines' production lines, and carrying out the quality examinations, the Complex exported the product under the trademark "Daewoo" to Syrian and Egyptian markets. We are thrilled and proud that the Complex was able to reach one of its main goals, and export the slogan "Made in Jordan", in such a short time, through our high quality electric and electronic home appliances".

"NIIC products received noticeable admiration of the consumers in those countries, especially that the products were professionally manufactured, using the highest quality of row materials, and taking into consideration the demands and requirements of the consumer. Currently, the Complex is getting ready to produce new sets of the washing machines to be distributed in the Jordanian markets, and new markets in MENA", he added.

The washing machines factory of NIIC is built on a space area of 22.500 m2, and it produces 700 sets a day per each shift; it consists of three main production lines: the sheet-iron line, this is the main manufacturer of the interior and exterior body of the machine; the painting line which handles painting the exterior body of the washing machine, this line passes through three stages: processing, drying, and painting. In this stage, the machine's body is sprayed with paint powder, then moved to the melting furnace to ensure that the paint is melted on allover the metal formation. Finally, the assembly line, and it is furnished with all requirements of installation, quality control, inspection, and packaging.

NIIC provides washing machines with the slogan "Made in Jordan". The 7 Kg washing machine contains various options for the cycle: 1000, 1200, and 1400 rounds, and enjoys modern designs combining elegance and easy use features together. Beside fashionable appearance, the washing machines are supplied with LED easy to use monitors, taking into consideration the solitude of MENA society, in addition to reducing the consumption of energy and water.

NIIC washing machines are renowned for their availability in two types of drives: the normal drive used in the 1000, and 1200 cycle speeds; and the Direct Drive which is directly connected to the laundry cylinder, this drive is used for the high speed, 1400. The Direct Drive is an advanced technique based on direct installation of the drive to the cylinder, which means less movable parts, and eventually this shall positively influence on the machine's system balance, and stability, in spite of the high speed. This technique also ensures better performance of the drive, less vibrations and noise, and less consumption of water; thus reducing the maintenance frequency, or replacing the transmission control, compared to washing machines of normal speeds.

It is important to note that NIIC was established in 2008, with an initial investment of 172.000.000 USD. The establishment adopted integrated manufacture principle in producing all its electric and electronic home appliances: washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners. By the completion of the operational phases of the project, the Complex is to provide 1250 job opportunities for youth, within a unique workplace to ensure that they receive their training from foreign experts, and to take advantage of their practical experiences and develop them in the future. 

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