Nizar, the Brand New Arabic Voice Synthesis by Acapela Group, at Gitex in Dubai

Published October 12th, 2009 - 03:05 GMT

 Acapela Group, the vocal solutions expert, confirms its leading position in the Middle East countries. Bespoke player in speech synthesis with a high quality multilingual offer including Arabic, Acapela Group enriches its voice portfolio with the venue of Nizar, a brand new Arabic voice which sounds super natural and perfectly speaks English.

Nizar joins Salma and Youssef voices to give the say to any application or service, using different Arabic voices and choosing between female and male tones.

Acapela exclusive: a pleasant Arabic voice which perfectly speaks English 'Text-to-Speech' also known as speech synthesis, transforms in real time any written text into words which are read out loud in a very natural manner. Text-to-speech speaks several languages, even with accents, and modulates the speed, pauses and tones of the spoken word, with male, female or children's voices.

To create high end voices and reproduce each language naturally, Acapela selects a speaker, professional and native, to record a script which contains all possible sounds of the language. The speaker reads the sentences from the script.

In the case of Nizar, in addition to the Arabic corpus, an English one has been elaborated to make it read perfectly any content in English, from single words to whole texts, with the same voice, which is a real guarantee of comfort and easy listening for the end user and a significant advantage and differentiator.

Leaning upon extensive language expertise

The team of Acapela specialists has acquired since several years cutting edge knowledge in the Arabic language. The Acapela team has created a process to turn the Arabic language into a vowel transcription thus allowing the speech synthesis to turn the written Arabic content into natural speech.

Arabic natural voice available for all platforms

Nizar will be ready to vocalize any content, whatever the targeted platform or the service: servers, Macs and PCs, mobile devices including the iPhone or web services. Software Development toolkits and API will be packed to perfectly suit to the vocalization demand.

Acapela's international team of experts is fully dedicated to developing the best voice solutions, adapted to its particular project and market specificities. Over 850 companies around the world have already adopted Acapela high quality voices to voice-empower their products and services, in very different markets.

Major players in Middle East have already chosen Acapela to give the Say to their services and applications: Medialog, Nattiq Technologies, VoiceMpower, FDS are already using the Acapela Arabic voices to speech enable their world.

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