Omani Telecommunications Update

Published January 19th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel) substantially reduced monthly subscription charges and the SIM card rate as of January 1, 2000, according to Times of Oman daily. Furthermore, connection charges and feature set-up charges have been abolished for GSM subscribers. Price cuts have thus far included GSM subscription, which were cut by roughly 33 percent from RO6 to RO4 and a 53 percent SIM card rate cut from RO15 to RO7. (RO1=$2.6) 


Other scheduled reductions include: 

* Services, such as mailbox-to-mailbox message deposit and message notification (via pager, PSTN and GSM), are to soon be free. 

* The price for monthly voice mail subscriptions for GSM users will be free and for others, reduced 50 percent from 500 baiza to 250 baiza. 

* Monthly voice male subscription in the executive category will be substantially slashed. 

* Monthly voice mails subscription for GSM and others will be cut from RO2 to 500 baiza. 


Omantel has also reduced telephone rates for calls to Arab Gulf Cooperation Council countries, reduced data-service charges for GSM users from RO6 to RO3 and instituted discounts for Internet users.  


Meanwhile, the country is offering new online Internet services, including billing, for Internet subscribers, according to the Oman Observer daily. The new on-line service -- developed by Tariq bin Hilal al Barwaini and supported by Omantel - allows Internet users to see how many hours they have spent on the Internet and check their billing status. This can all be done at target 

The site also offers others services such as the option to leave message on the server that will be sent to all incoming emails while a user is, for example, away on vacation and unable to personally respond. Another service is the ability to apply for an Internet connection. 

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