Opposition: Saddam sent squads to assassinate opposition leaders in Europe; European intelligence discovers his plans

Published February 4th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

The Dutch secret service called a group of the Iraqi opposition leaders residing in Holland and alerted them against assassination operations that might target them by Iraqi regime groups, Al Bawaba.com was told Tuesday.  


The name of the Iraqi military council member and secretary general of the Iraqi Center for Democratic Studies, Dr. Musaddaq Al Janabi, comes at the top of the hit list. He told Albawaba.com that the Dutch Intelligence obtained a document from the office of the Iraqi Ambassador to Algeria, Awad Fakhri, with the names of the Iraqi opposition prominent leaders in Europe to be assassinated. 


“The list includes many names of opposition leaders in Holland in addition to others in Britain,” Janabi told Albawaba.com, indicating that the names of General Tawfiq Al Yaseri and leader of the Kurdish National Unity party, Jalal Al Talibani, were on the list. 


Janabi added that the Iraqi intelligence contacted his family in Iraq on a previous occasion and told them that Saddam Hussein issued an amnesty for me and that I would be promoted to the rank of a general by law. Saddam’s agents told his family also that all his properties would be returned to him provided that he returns home and abandons the opposition. 


Afterwards, Janabi pointed out, he received life threats because he turned down the offer and told them that he would return his own way with all the opposition leaders. 


Janabi conveyed Saddam thinks that if he threatens the European security, the European governments will face pressure by their people to stop their support for the USA.  


Previous reports indicated that the Iraqi president had formed special squads to operate in Europe and some Arab countries, including Syria and Jordan, in order to assassinate Iraqi opposition leaders and other intellectuals who were forced to leave Iraq. This came in view of the fact that these leaders refused his amnesty and temptations for high ranks and other incentives. (Albawaba.com) 

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