Over 100 suspects detained in Mosul area

Published October 3rd, 2009 - 07:11 GMT

Iraqi security forces have arrested more than 100 suspects in raids through Mosul, a commander said Saturday. The sweep, which started earlier this week, is the latest attempt to break the networks of al-Qaeda in Iraq and other groups in the Mosul region in northern Iraq.


According to the AP, the commander of Mosul operations, Maj. Gen. Hassan Karim Khudhair, told reporters the raids were launched under strict secrecy to avoid the escape of "wanted targets." He added that more than 100 suspects were arrested and will face interrogations in Baghdad. Khudhair said the raids in Mosul were continuing.


A senior security official on Friday said more than 150 people were detained in the Mosul area.


The Iraqi-led offensive was the first in Mosul since U.S. forces withdrew from cities in June.

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