Palestine in the Heart of the Maghreb, “Hope”

Published March 7th, 2010 - 09:48 GMT

When patriotism calls on Arabs to act, Nessma TV, the Maghrebian TV channel obliges, and gladly features a Palestine Week under the theme of “Hope”, from March 8th to 13th 2010, highlighting the success stories of Palestinians around the world.
Throughout the week, Nessma TV will be broadcasting films and documentaries, as well as personal interviews with some of the selected success story makers. Indeed, “Ness Nessma”, the main talk show of Nessma TV, presented by Yasmine Masri, the talented Palestinian actress and Fawez Ben Tmessek, will pay tribute to Palestine by hosting three to four people every night narrating their journey to success, such as Elias Sanbar, ambassador and Permanent Observer of Palestine to UNESCO; the talented and highly inspired film directors Elia Suleiman and Nasri Hajjaj; the gifted artist Tamam Al Akhal, also Ibrahim Nasrallah, the Palestinian Poet; François Abou Salem, the founder and director of El-Hakawati Theater; Mais Darwazeh, a Jordanian Palestinian film director to review her documentary: “Take me Home”; Marwan Abado, a Palestinian composer and Oud player, as well as Sahar Khalifeh, the Jordanian-Palestinian singer, the Books@cafe owner, Madian Al Jazeerah, addressing his writings in the New York Times, and many more Palestinians who could make it in many different fields.
Among the films and documentaries that will be broadcasted on Nessma TV, there will be “Bab El Shams” by Yousri Nasrallah, “The Kite” by Randa Chahal Sabbagh and for the first time on an Arab TV channel: “Chronicle of Disappearance” and “Divine Intervention” by the film director Elia Suleiman, and many others.
For the first time, a TV channel opens its heart exclusively to the Palestinian people during one entire week. This human initiative of the Channel reflects the common feeling of unity and loyalty among Arabs towards the Palestinian cause, and shows that, in spite of the Palestinian scene complications, there are people who can create, achieve and give, regardless of the place, the time, and the national allegiance. 
It is worth noting in this context that many countries have contributed to these remarkable achievements, creating a platform for their citizens of Palestinian origin to excel. Jordan is exemplary on this front, and it should pride itself on the fact that it has given the chance to Jordanian citizens of Palestinian descent to thrive on its soil, and under its umbrella. Having unselfishly done that, Jordan has enabled those Palestinians to excel and grow and happily share their stories with us.

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