Posh Spice Kidnap Plot Foiled

Published June 28th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

A botched kidnapping on Wednesday, a series of threatening letters, and hate mail from football fans have made Posh Spice “depressed,” according to British tabloid the Sun, but with the help of Britain’s Scotland Yard, so far so safe! 

Thanks to Britain's Bobbies, some serious trouble on Spice World has been averted.  

The British police are taking credit for thwarting a $1.6 million kidnap plot against Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams and her 10-month-old son Brooklyn.  

"A squad was set up to deal with the threat after a known criminal had been boasting of the plot," a police source told the British tabloid Sunday Mirror.  

"Information gathered suggested that the kidnappers planned to hold Brooklyn and possibly Victoria for ransom."  

London's Sunday Times reported that the would-be kidnapping, discovered after a tip-off to police, was going to go down in November, during Adams' husband David Beckham's England-Scotland soccer match, that an elite group from Scotland Yard foiled.  

Not that it took too much trouble. The plotters apparently never got past figuring out where to stash the Spice Girl and son once they were snatched.  

British news reports say police were so concerned about the potential kidnapping that officers continuously trailed Posh Spice, 25, and Brooklyn while others watched over the three houses owned by the Spice Girl; the increased police presence presumably scared off the bad guys.  

The would-be kidnappers left no written evidence and, so far, no arrests have been made. (One paper claims a reputed underworld figure was behind the plot.)  

A Scotland Yard spokesperson refused to confirm the reports, saying police would not comment on cases involving kidnapping or conspiracy to kidnap.  

However, Victoria can’t exactly say that the threat is over, since although a man was questioned on Wednesday, the people behind the recent written threats to the singer are still thought to be at large. 

Police have not identified the man but British newspapers named him in their Wednesday editions.  

Scotland Yard, whose Organized Crime Group has taken over the investigation from local police in western England, declined to reveal any details of the investigation or the letters but said the man had not been charged.  

"On June 23, a man in his mid-30s attended a police station within the Cheshire police district by appointment," a Scotland Yard spokesman said.  

"He was arrested and interviewed in connection with allegations of sending threatening letters and has been bailed to return on a date in August."  

Media reports said one letter included a defaced photograph of Adams with a drawn-in bullet pointing toward her head.  

Adams said Monday she was depressed by a hate campaign that some soccer fans had waged against her and Beckham, a star midfielder for English premier league champions Manchester United and the England national squad.  

Britain's top-selling Sun tabloid said taunts against the couple, who have a baby son Brooklyn, had included "we hope your kid dies of cancer" and "your wife's a whore." "It is a horrible thing to happen," the 26-year-old Spice Girl told the paper in an interview. "I get down and depressed just like anybody else. I try not to let it upset me but I am only human."  

"David just has to take it and get on with playing -- it is so hard for him," she told the British tabloid, the Sun on Monday.  

Life has been more scary for Posh Spice of late than, er, posh. In December, tabloids reported that Adams knocked a fan to the ground outside a luxury London department store after he lunged at Brooklyn.  

On a more optimistic note, Posh has just completed her first solo musical project; a dance collaboration with Another Level’s Dane Bowers called “Out Of Your Mind,” to be released next month. 

"I don't need to carry on making music but I love doing it," Posh Spice said.  

"If no one likes my records then I'll just go back to what I was doing years ago; singing to myself and leaping around the living room"—albawaba.com (various sources)  

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