Qtel Boosts National Mobile Broadband Network to 21Mbps

Qtel Boosts National Mobile Broadband Network to 21Mbps
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Published August 8th, 2010 - 09:21 GMT

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Qtel has completed the next phase of its national Mobile Broadband rollout process, delivering enhanced speeds and better performance, it was announced today.

The company has successfully upgraded its high-speed packet access network (HSPA) network to offer mobile download peak speeds as fast as 21Mbps. The upgrade complements Qtel's ongoing technology evolution, positioning Qatar as one of the best connected nations in the region.

In addition, the upgrade to a complete HSPA+ standard offers upload peak speeds of 5.8Mbps. In comparative studies, Qtel's HSPA standard is one of the fastest in the Middle East, and exceeds that of many network operators in the United States and Europe.

This network achievement not only helps to increase the speed at which data travels across the 3G Network, but also increases the overall network capacity – creating a better experience for Qtel's Mobile Broadband customers.

Alongside these overall speed enhancements, Qtel has also extended the indoor and outdoor coverage by boosting the number of towers across the country. Qtel currently supports a network of nearly 600 external towers and 150 indoor Solutions, and is investing in extending the network coverage every month.

This process of development is in-line with its strategy of offering the widest, broadest, fastest and most reliable network in Qatar.

The enhanced speeds and overall performance improvements will enable customers to have access to data-heavy content over their mobile broadband devices.

All Qtel mobile broadband customers will experience the data speed increase from August as a result of the upgrade process, and the service enhancement is being provided at no extra cost.

Customer demand for faster speeds has been demonstrated by the impressive sales of the Qtel 21 Mbps USB modem, which is the fastest ever to be offered in Qatar. The modem, which supports video, graphic and other high speed applications, and is interchangeable between desktop and notebook computers, has become the best-selling Broadband connection in Qatar in the summer of 2010.

Qtel's ongoing multi-million dollar investment in all aspects of the Internet infrastructure for Qatar has contributed to the overall reliability and quality of the network, which is one of the best in the region. In particular, mobile broadband from Qtel scores highly in terms on indoor and outdoor delivery, nationwide coverage and consistent reliability. 

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