Qtel Provides Full Customer Support for Number Change Programme

Published March 31st, 2010 - 08:18 GMT

Qtel today announced that it will provide full support for customers during the changeover process that will see Qatar’s phone numbers expand to eight digits from 28 July 2010.

The process, announced on Sunday by ictQATAR, will see fixed and mobile phone numbers increase by one digit. The first digit of each phone number will be repeated, so that numbers that currently begin with 3 will start with 33, those starting with 5 will start with 55, 6 with 66 and so forth. 

This only applies to numbers beginning with 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Qtel has a change management process in place to support its customers during the transfer process, building on its experience and understanding of the needs of customers in Qatar.

The company is already in the process of upgrading networks to meet the 28 July deadline, and is instituting a number of automated services to minimise inconvenience to Qtel customers, and to people calling Qtel customers from within and outside of Qatar.

Qtel’s dedicated Business Solutions team has been working with corporate customers in the run-up to the announcement, to provide Qatar’s companies with ample time to make the shift to their new numbers. Specialists are working to test communications infrastructure and telecom equipment to ensure it is able to be re-programmed with an additional digit. In addition, Qtel is working with PBX and Key System vendors to identify the necessary update procedures.

Qtel has also issued advice recommending that corporate stationery and marketing materials be updated in advance of the number change.  

For customers with any questions, Qtel has dedicated customer support staff capable of answering any questions around the change process, who can be reached on 111 or 800 8000 for business customers.

All emergency telephone numbers within Qatar, including 999 and 112, will not be affected by the change, and the country code will remain +974. Numbers beginning with 1, 2, 8 and 9 will not be changed.

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