Report: Yemen Serial Killer was Mossad Agent

Published January 22nd, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Mohammad Adam Omar, the Sudanese convicted in Yemen for serial killings, is in the limelight again after the Yemeni authorities claimed Sunday that the ripper was an agent of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service.  

Quoted by Gulf News, Colonel Sawadah Omar Al Ayashi, the police officer in charge of the case of the Sudanese morgue assistant, alleged that Adam has been working for Mossad since the mid-1970s and had served them in many Arab states. 

He said that Adam had entered Yemen several times since the mid-1970s and had admitted it. He claimed that Adam was arrested by Yemeni authorities and jailed for six months in the mid-1970s, after which he was released and deported. Adam also entered South Yemen in 1984 in order to spy on the Palestinian military camps there. 

There have been other reports claiming that Adam was in Lebanon in the eighties and joined Fateh-Intifada, the Palestinian splinter faction based in Damascus, and used to spy on the PLO factions there, before leaving to Jordan. 

The Yemeni police officer told Gulf News that the convict had been using fake passports issued by some Arab states, and that the authorities had confiscated from him a Jordanian passport bearing the name John Adam.  

He claimed that the recruiting of Mohammed Adam as a morgue assistant in Sana’a University had been "arranged" and that he had been recruited by a Sudanese professor at Sana'a University who is currently working in Sharjah, UAE. He also claimed that this professor had convinced the university that Adam had rare abilities in conducting autopsies, with long experience. 

But Ayashi said that the Yemeni authorities have just received a letter from the Sudanese Ministry of Interior stating that Mohammed Adam does not have anything to do with morgue work, and that he has never worked in this field in Sudan. The letter said Adam was a watchman and a cleaner at a cemetery in Khartoum. 

The report did not mention if the professor was arrested by the Sharjah police, or if Yemen has asked them to. 

Among Adam’s victims was a 23-year-old girl from the UAE’s emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.  

Initially, Adam confessed to the rape and murder of 16 women at the medical faculty at the university, but one of his supposed victims appeared in court on June 3rd, and he retracted most of his confession, saying he had killed just two students. 

But a report by German experts said that there have been 21 mutilated bodies in the morgue where the convict worked. He is waiting a death sentence after the court found him guilty –  

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