Rights of All Canadians Must be Respected Equally Islamophobia has no place

Published October 12th, 2009 - 11:46 GMT

Once again the "niqab" controversy was started by an
organization, which has been on a life support by the Canadian media only.
This self-appointed organization has no support among Canadian Muslims.  

ISCC and IACW strongly condemn the attack on the freedom of Canadian Muslim
women.  The religious freedom of Muslim woman must be respected just like
any other Canadian citizen.  If a Canadian woman wants to cover her face in
public OR wear bikini while walking downtown Toronto it should not bother
anyone.  This is the true secularism and the real Canadian freedom. The
self-declared Muslim leader should have his head examined.

The propaganda by a Toronto person pretending to be a Muslim leader is
baseless and hateful. Covering the face (niqab) or not covering the face is
not an Islamic or Canadian issue. The real issue is the discrimination
against fellow citizens. We must not discriminate against women who cover
their faces due to their beliefs. Among Muslim women, face covering women
are a tiny minority. The self-appointed Muslim leader is abusing this tiny
minority and he should not be allowed to continue this abuse.  He is
publicly bullying women and Canadian will not allow this bullying.

There are extremists who destroy human Life and there are extremists who
destroy human Faith.  We condemn both of them. Canadians are smart people.
They can not be influenced by the false propaganda of Islamophobes. The
organization spreading hateful propaganda against peaceful Canadian women
and pretending to be a Muslim organization, in fact, has no support among
the Canadian Muslims. This organization can not even gather couple of
hundred Muslims in its support. 

By the Grace of Allah, just in Calgary, ISCC congregation is more than 2000
Muslims. On the day of Eid-ul-Fitr, we had more than 10,000 worshipers in
our gathering.  Beside Calgary, ISCC holds congregations in Montreal,
Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver.  Can the disguised Muslim organization show
the size of its congregation?  What is its contribution except creating
Islamophobia in Canada? 

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