Roberto Coin’s Capri Plus collection defines glamour!

Published November 26th, 2009 - 02:32 GMT
Roberto Coin, the world renowned Italian jeweler is hailed for his ability to surprise fans not just with the astonishing beauty of his designs, but also the wide range of inspiration behind them. His Capri Plus collection celebrates the beauty of Capri Isle, one of the most picturesque and famous Italian islands, in a blend of diamonds and exotic, luminous-hued semi-precious stones such as blue topaz, amethyst, cabochon, chrysoprase and orange moonstones on settings of 18k yellow gold, silver, ruthenium and wood.
Exploring exciting new materials the ace designer presents a strikingly beautiful range of bracelets, pendant chains, earrings and rings designed to flatter casual wear and heighten evening glamour. Its central motif is a sumptuous and softly rounded triangular motif, lined at times by pave-diamonds or semi-precious stones such as blue topaz or garnet that at times hosts a sparkling bed of diamonds.
Robert Coin, President of the brand said, “Capri Isle is blessed by astounding natural wonders such as its magical lagoons and dramatic cliffs. Its unique aura makes it one of the most memorable tourist spots on earth and my collection is designed to draw a unique parallel between the timeless beauty of the island and of the eternal mystery of women.”
Capri Plus jewels are defined by eye catching colours and an unusual combination of materials. For instance, Coin combines the striking black of recycled ebony with gleaming 18k yellow gold set with a shimmering ‘pool’ of pave diamonds to present dramatic, ‘retro-style’ pendants on delicate chains. It is matched by cute drop earrings suspending the motif from delicate ‘hooks’ glittering with pave diamonds and a ring you would simply love to slip on. 
In other pieces he matches ruthenium settings with garnet or blue topaz pave to offer elegant accessories. One bewitching combination is an opulent rose gold bracelet set with a highly faceted, oval-shaped amethyst stone amidst amethyst pave. Capri Plus unfurls an exciting play of materials in a rainbow of hues where highly polished surfaces juxtapose against highly textured to present a stunning array of jewels. Embedded in each of these Roberto Coin pieces is a bewitching red ruby, said to bestow mysterious protection on its wearer which is also the instantly recognizable signature style of its famed designer. 
Located south of Naples, Capri Isle is a very popular tourist attraction drawing international celebrities. Due to its mythical charm and natural treasures, especially the unsurpassed beauty of its magical lagoons such as the famed Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzura), it has been a much sought after resort since the time of the Roman Republic. It is mentioned by Homer in Odysseus, and in the late 19th century attracted prominent artists and writers such as John Singer Sargent, Maxim Gorky and Somerset Maugham, who based his famous poem ‘Lotus Eaters’ on it. Well known singer Mariah Carey owns a villa on Capri Isle.
As one of the most remarkable designers of our times, Roberto Coin’s collections continue to delight jewellery lovers across the world. They embrace both the classic and the avant garde and blend old world craftsmanship with cutting edge designs. One of his most spoken about collections is Animalier based on animal-print motif, while his Haute Couture collection pays grand tribute to the world of high fashion.
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