SAE Group announces Multi-million Dollar Purchases of AMS Neve Equipment

Published November 16th, 2009 - 09:13 GMT
The SAE Group, the world's largest creative media educator with over 50 campuses in 26 different countries, today announced it has introduced the Neve Genesys Console along with a range of new & classic Neve Outboard equipment into several of its SAE Institute campuses worldwide. Recent deliveries and installations have included campuses & facilities in Oxford, London, Byron Bay, San Francisco, Istanbul, Melbourne, Cape Town, Vienna, Amman, Amsterdam, Berlin & Dubai.  Future expansion of SAE and proposed deliveries of AMS Neve equipment is also in planning for new SAE facilities in Singapore, Jakarta, Beirut, Cairo & Tokyo, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, Mexico City, Rio Di Janeiro
Romy Hawatt, Managing Director of SAE International FZ-LLC said: “There must not be any compromise in the quality & training provided to SAE students worldwide.  The SAE Group is continuously assessing, upgrading and developing it's curriculum, educational & commercial recording facilities to align it's students & clients to the real-world of creative media, entertainment & audio/visual communications.  We recognize that AMS Neve is the world's leading brand for Music & Film recording & post-production and by specifying Neve in our recent multi-million dollar acquisition and facility upgrades, it helps us  accomplish and important component in the strategic objective of the SAE Group's  maintaining it's high end and internationally recognized positioning as the educator & trainer of future industry professionals". 
AMS Neve continue to set important industry bench-marks at both the Film & Music production levels.  Few brands can boast that an estimated 80 per cent of the world’s leading music artists have recorded on AMS Neve equipment and over 70 per cent of all major Hollywood productions are scored & mixed on the Neve DFC (Digital Film Consoles).
Most recently, the much heralded and long awaited James Cameron opus Avatar (which represents a tremendous leap in technological progress as the first major feature length film in 3D) demanded that new industry bench-marks be set.  AMS Neve were instrumental in developing & offering up an array of practical & creative technological solutions to help in the success of the critical post production phase of this technologically demanding film.
Mark Crabtree, Managing Director of AMS Neve Limited said, "As the demand for the AMS Neve range of products & services continues to grow, especially with new challenges to cater to the high-end music, feature film scoring and mixing industry, so too must the training & education of creative industry professionals to operate such equipment.  The SAE Group understand this need and have solidly aligned with us to deliver AMS Neve equipment and simultaneously align the education & training needed at the highest level globally"
Tom Misner, Founder of the SAE Group said, “Notwithstanding the very important global demands, the US market in particular continues to represent about 50 per cent of the world’s film and music industry production revenues. SAE is increasingly applying resources and is well-positioned to bring into line future industry and technological demands with an SAE education.  To this end, SAE will continue to specify and roll out AMS Neve brand equipment to all new SAE Institute facilities projected for the US market especially.  Many SAE graduates will seek positions in the United States.”
For more than 40 years, AMS Neve has represented the pinnacle of professional audio design and engineering. More than a hundred world-class analogue and digital designers, software specialists and audio purists spend their days dedicated to the advancement and evolution of professional audio products and workflows.
Northern England-headquartered AMS Neve’s achievements have been recognized over the years by the industry’s most prestigious awards including an Emmy, a Grammy and two Academy Awards.
Founded in Australia in 1976, SAE Institute is one of the largest international network of media training institutes for audio engineering, digital film production, interactive animation , games programming and multimedia. It provides practical training courses, as well as academic diploma and degree programs.

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