SAMSUNG Amman International Marathon Motivational Conference

SAMSUNG Amman International Marathon Motivational Conference
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Published September 7th, 2010 - 11:18 GMT

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Samsung Amman International Marathon held a conference for the NGOs on September 6, with an overriding objective of encouraging them to participate in the upcoming marathon.

The conference was attended by numerous NGO representatives and public figures; on top of whom was HRH Princess Dina Mired, member of the Marathon’s Board of Directors and Director General of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF). .

The event aimed at encouraging all non-profit NGOs to participate in the Marathon which not only attracts professional and amateur runners, but also families and young people from all age groups of both genders.

Throughout the conference, non-profit NGOs were briefed on the benefits they could score from participating in the marathon; including raising awareness on their respective causes and fund raising at the same time.

Princess Dina spoke about KHCF’s successful participation in the Marathon last year, where 3000 participant joined the Marathon under the Foundation’s Name.

Princess Dina encouraged NGOs to participate in the Marathon as this will enable them to spread awareness about their humanitarian mission in line with fundraising and working on achieving their desired goals. 
Meanwhile, the Marathon Director Mr. Samir Farkouh said “the conference is meant to invite all NGOs to take part in the upcoming marathon, which is committed among other things, to helping them achieve their goals.”

 “The Marathon not only provides a platform to spread awareness for NGOs, but also constitutes a solid means to securing funds,” he said.

Farkouh hoped that the Marathon derives its social importance from all participants, of all groups. “People are not only participating, having fun and exercise, but they are also making a communal difference since this sporting event helps altruistic organizations in their pursuit via funds or moral support,” he added.                 

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