Samsung launches ‘Response Time Accelerator’ Monitors in Middle East region

Published July 5th, 2005 - 06:10 GMT

Samsung Electronics, the world leader in digital technology, brings the future of computer display technology, with the launch of its new ‘Fastest Response Time’ Monitors, into the Middle East region. The new offerings, targeted at multimedia aficionados and design professionals, aims to consolidate and grow the company’s share of the regional monitor market to over 45 per cent in 2004.
The 2 new LCD monitor models come with the Samsung's Proprietary Response Time Accelerator (RTA) chip that minimizes response time when switching colors. This exclusive Samsung RTA chip has, phenomenally, reduced the time needed for switching between mid-level colors (Gray to Gray) in moving images, to the world's shortest 4ms, on the 17” (SyncMaster 730BF) and 19” (SyncMaster 930BF) models.
Mr. K. V. Narayanan, Sales Manager, Information Technology division, Samsung Gulf Electronics said: “The response time listed in monitor specifications refers to the time needed to switch between highest level and lowest level colors (White to Black), which only appear in images with little movement, such as text or web-surfing. As a result, in most instances the response time is not adequate to show the real improvements in drawing moving images for movies or games.”
“Samsung's new models with minimized response time in mid-level colors remove dragging in moving images, and flickering when using professional designer programs such as CAD. Those who look at monitors for a long time, especially design professionals and multimedia users, will surely welcome these improvements,” Mr. Narayanan added.
Furthermore, Samsung launched a new LCD Monitor (SyncMaster CX720 TA) that has a front bezel processed with Silver-Nano Coating for an anti-bacterial and Sterilizing effect. The Silver-Nano coating with superior anti-bacterial performance and anion emissions make this monitor perfect for user’s well-being. The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards has proven that Silver-Nano coating removes 99% of Colon Bacilli, 99% of Bacillus Subtilis and 88% of Staphylococci.
A pioneer in Technological Advancement, Samsung is committed to creating Products for the well-being of end-users and in everyday life. In addition to all the above mentioned features, the vent at the bottom of the screen emits anions that strengthen the human immune system and are known to relieve stress. This is a strong consideration among the PC Consumer market and a strong attraction for households with small children and users who are concerned about their health.
“Samsung Electronics will lead the trends with new product lines that have excellent health functions to meet the needs of users who put great value on well-being.” Mr. Narayanan concluded.
About Samsung Electronics
Samsung Middle East and Africa (MEA) is headquartered in Dubai. In line with its global vision of ‘Digital Convergence,’ the company markets its digital devices portfolio through four product divisions: Handheld products (HHP), Information Technology (IT), Home Appliances (HA) and Audio-Visual (AV). Through a network of over 40 distributors, Samsung MEA looks after the distribution of its digital devices across the Middle East and Africa region. With annual revenues in 2004 region reaching US$2.7 billion, the company has also invested in a service subsidiary, located in the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone in Dubai. The 3000-sq.mts-service facility recently completed nine years and is among the largest within the GCC countries.


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