SANYO Gulf Announces Support of JITOA Environmental Campaign

Published July 4th, 2010 - 06:09 GMT

SANYO, one of the world's leading consumer electronics brands, has announced today its support for Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association's (JITOA) 'Don't Mess with Nature' environmental campaign designed to raise environmental awareness of the country's historic Jerash city and how it can be best preserved for future generations of visitors.

This campaign is committed to improving visitors' experience of the ancient city, and aims to ultimately encourage a more anti-litter mindset among all who visit the culturally significant site.

'Don't Mess with Nature' will see the two entities adopt the archeological Roman city of Jerash for one year in which a number of environmental activities, ranging from clean-up campaigns and trash bin installations to insight signage maintenance, will take place.

"SANYO is committed to creating environmental sustainability in every part of the world in which it operates, including here in Jordan," said Motokatsu Sakaguchi, Managing Director, SANYO Gulf.

"It is natural, therefore, that SANYO would eagerly accept the opportunity to sponsor the excellent work in Jordan that JITOA is undertaking with its 'Don't Mess with Nature' campaign. We believe that this campaign will have a tremendously positive effect on Jerash, its people, and the millions of people from around the world who visit Jerash each year to appreciate its natural beauty and cultural and historical significance." Sakaguchi continued.

SANYO is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility by providing products and services that support modern living and make environmental corporate contributions. As part of their contribution, SANYO will be providing battery recycling bins, and raising awareness with regards to the importance of protecting the environment against hazardous waste materials.

The SANYO 'eneloop' battery is one such product which ideally reflects Sanyo's environmentally responsible vision of the world. The 'eneloop' batteries are rechargeable and recyclable, and can be reused up to 1,500 times as opposed to the competitors. Once charged, 'eneloop' can be used repeatedly, and once used completely, it can be recycled.

As SANYO aims to become a leading company in energy & environmental sustainability, SANYO is simultaneously pursuing solutions for a comfortable living and consideration for the environment and would continue providing 'Global Energy Solutions' and 'LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Solutions'. 

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