SCCI survey reveals increase in number of shoppers and mobile phone sales

Published March 31st, 2010 - 08:29 GMT

A survey conducted by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has revealed a significant increase in the number of shoppers and mobile phone purchases during the ongoing sales promotion campaign targeting Sharjah’s mobile phone trade and distribution segment. The campaign, which runs March 18 to March 31, 2010, is part of the SCCI’s ‘Shopping Weeks’ program; a strategic initiative specially designed to boost retail activity in the emirate and to support associate members by organizing promotional campaigns for each segment of the trade and retail sector. The campaign witnessed the participation of a large number of enterprises selling mobile phones and accessories and generated a major response from Sharjah residents who were keen to take advantage of promotional offers and giveaways.

During the two-week program, the local chamber conducted a survey among participating mobile phone stores and retail outlets. The survey, which aimed at determining the success of the ‘Shopping Weeks’ program, included key questions covering the initiative’s effectiveness as a tool in promoting Sharjah’s mobile phone trade and in increasing mobile phone sales. Results of the survey showed a high satisfaction rating given by the participants, which is reflected in the increase of both shoppers and mobile phone sales during the course of the two-week promotion. The survey has also helped in strengthening ties between the SCCI and the mobile phone segment, which has been identified as one of Sharjah’s most vital sectors. According to the SCCI, the survey results act as an important factor in implementing marketing strategies and the development of similar promotions in the future.

Hussein Al Mahmoudi, Director General, SCCI, said, “The major response generated by the mobile phone promotions underlines the importance of developing a unified platform for both the SCCI and local small and medium enterprises. This platform can help utilize growth prospects and opportunities that in turn can aid in the emirate’s development as an ideal investment venue. The success of this initiative reflects our strong ties with Sharjah’s different trade segments and affirms our commitment to provide local SME’s with the necessary support and assistance needed to improve their business prospects.”

Ayman Ali Findi, Deputy Director, City Phone, said, "Shopping Weeks is a unique initiative for Sharjah’s mobile phone sector that highlights SCCI’s commitment to serve SMEs. The response generated by the campaign has greatly contributed in increasing customer footfall and sales of mobile phones."

Rabah Melhem Ghraizi, Director, Master Phone, said, "SCCI’s ‘Shopping Weeks’ campaign has helped in the promotion of the emirate’s mobile phone trade sector. The posters used in promoting the event were strategically placed along key areas in Sharjah and resulted in reaching out to a large number of targeted customers. The campaign has ensured a significant increase in sales for local businesses, as compared to last year’s slight decline due to the global financial crisis. I commend the SCCI, Department of Economic Development and Sharjah Municipality for organizing this special event."

Mohammed Hosni, Director, Raheef Phone, said "We are pleased to have participated in the ‘Shopping Weeks’ campaign, which has acted as an important platform for different companies and stores in the mobile phone trade segment. The campaign did not only help increase sales activity in the emirate but also boosted the tourism industry by attracting more tourists and visitors to avail of the different promotions and special offers during the two-week campaign. We look forward to participating in future initiatives and activities organized by SCCI and affirm our commitment to help in the efforts towards Sharjah’s goal of total sustainable development."

The 'Shopping Weeks' program is an SCCI initiative that aims to increase sales activity for associate members by organizing promotional campaigns for each segment of the trade and retail sector. The Mobile Phone promotion program is the first trade segment to be featured in the ‘Shopping Weeks’ initiative. During the two-week event, the SCCI showcased products and services of the participating mobile phone stores, shops and centers--providing key benefits like advertising, media coverage and effective marketing strategies. To help attract more customers to the promotion, special prizes like top-of-the-line mobile phones and gadgets and a brand new Nissan car were raffled off to customers who purchased mobile based products. Street decors, colourful mounted displays and posters were also used to add colour to Sharjah’s streets where most of the mobile stores were located.

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