Second aid convoy heads to Madaya

Published January 14th, 2016 - 09:00 GMT
ICRC aid trucks in Madaya. (Twitter)
ICRC aid trucks in Madaya. (Twitter)

Reuters reports that witnesses saw a convoy of 50 aid trucks traveling from Damascus to Madaya on Thursday morning.

The first convoy of aid reached the besieged mountain town on Monday, after a few delays. Two other towns in Syria are also under siege and recieving critical support this week, according to Reuters.

Over 40,000 people live in Madaya, which has been blockaded by the Syrian regime forces for months. With rice at over $125 a kilo and no incoming supplies, residents had taken to eaten leaves and grass. Dozens have already died from starvation. 

Elizabeth Hoff, a WHO representative in Damascus, entered Madaya with the first convoy on Monday and said, “People gathered in the market place. You could see many were malnourished, starving. They were skinny, tired, severely distressed. There was no smile on anybody’s faces. It is not what you seen when you arrive with a convoy. The children I talked to said they had no strength to play.”

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