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Published September 27th, 2009 - 02:02 GMT

Based on the close of trading on September 22, the global Dow Jones Islamic Market Titans 100 Index, which measures the performance of 100 of the leading Shari’ah compliant stocks globally, gained 4.25% month-to-date, closing at 2011.06. In comparison, the Dow Jones Global Titans 50 Index, which measures the 50 biggest companies worldwide, posted a gain of 4.80%, closing at 167.25.
-  The Dow Jones Islamic Market Asia/Pacific Titans 25 Index, which measures the performance of 25 of the leading Shari’ah compliant stocks in the Asia/Pacific region, increased 6.49%, closing at 1813.40. The Dow Jones Asian Titans 50 Index, in comparison, posted a gain of 4.66%, closing at 133.06.
-  Measuring Europe, the Dow Jones Islamic Market Europe Titans 25 Index, which measures the performance of the 25 of the leading Shari’ah compliant stocks in Europe, closed at 2066.95, a gain of 6.67%, while the pan-European blue chip Dow Jones STOXX 50 Index gained 6.11%, closing at 2731.15.
-  Measuring the performance of 50 of the largest Shari’ah compliant U.S. stocks, the Dow Jones Islamic Market U.S. Titans 50 Index increased, closing at 2012.86. It represents a gain of 2.89%. The U.S. blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 3.51%, closing at 9829.87.

Asia: Performance of Dow Jones Islamic Market Versus Conventional Dow Jones Indexes

Dow Jones Islamic Market Indexes Conventional Dow Jones Indexes
Index Names Index Close September 2009 MTD 2009 MTD 2009 Index Close September 2009 Index Names
DJIM Asia/Pacific Index 1252.77 6.42% 3.78% 121.27 DJ Asia/Pacific Index
DJIM China Offshore Index 2527.34 15.34% 9.48% 4009.44 DJ China Offshore 50 Index
DJIM Hong Kong Index 1251.18 6.55% 7.71% 389.83 DJ Hong Kong Index
DJIM India Index 1521.08 7.73% 8.51% 1636.17 DJ India Total Stock Market Index
DJIM Indonesia Index 1171.47 9.27% 9.90% 146.17 DJ Indonesia Index
DJIM Japan Index 1021.10 2.14% -0.96% 84.72 DJ Japan Index
DJIM Malaysia Index 1287.27 3.98% 5.22% 178.30 DJ Malaysia Index
Dow Jones-JS Pakistan Islamic Index 10579.95 8.76% 9.01% 617.33 DJ Pakistan Total Stock Market Index
DJIM Philippines Index 1360.50 -3.00% -1.26% 148.38 DJ Philippines Index
DJIM Singapore Index 1006.86 5.90% 6.17% 245.26 DJ Singapore Index
DJIM South Korea Index  762.56 14.01% 12.75% 233.28 DJ South Korea Index
DJIM Amana Sri Lanka Index  1256.73 10.01% 15.48% 188.06 DJ Sri Lanka Index
DJIM Taiwan Index  4033.72 10.12% 11.16% 143.33 DJ Taiwan Index
DJIM Thailand Index 1444.46 11.93% 12.39% 94.84 DJ Thailand Index
Middle East and GCC Regions
Dow Jones Islamic Market Indexes Versus Conventional Dow Jones Indexes
In September, the Dow Jones DFM Titans 10 Index, measuring the 10 largest and most liquid stocks listed on the Dubai Financial Market, closed at 2703.70. It is a gain of 9.45% month-to-date.
The Dow Jones Islamic Market Kuwait Index posted a gain of 0.87%, closing at 1063.44. Its conventional counterpart index, the Dow Jones Kuwait Composite Index, was down, closing at 244.87. It represents a loss of -2.95%.
The Dow Jones Islamic Market Turkey Index closed at 2955.40, a performance of 4.46% month-to-date, while the Dow Jones Turkey Total Stock Market Index closed at 1065.75, a gain of 2.69%.
Measuring the performance of Shari’ah compliant stocks of five of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, the Dow Jones Islamic Market GCC Index closed at 1473.51, a gain of 2.38%. The conventional Dow Jones GCC Index was up 2.02%, closing at 1520.71.

Other Markets and Asset Classes
The Dow Jones Islamic Market BRIC Equal Weighted Index increased 12.77%. It had a closing value of 1815.41. By comparison, the Dow Jones BRIC 50 Index closed at 555.96, a gain of 11.75%.
The Dow Jones Citigroup Sukuk Index, which measures the performance of global bonds complying with Islamic investment guidelines, increased 0.59%, closing at 116.90.
The Dow Jones Islamic Market Sustainability Index, which measures sustainable practice business of companies respecting the Shari’ah laws, increased 5.69%, closing at 2272.13. The conventional Dow Jones Sustainability Index gained 5.97% with a closing value of 989.01.

Global September 2009 Industries Winners and Losers
The three best performing Dow Jones Islamic Market Industry Indexes were Basic Materials, Oil & Gas and Industrials with performances of 10.62%, 8.35% and 7.41%, respectively. The Dow Jones Islamic Market Health Care, Dow Jones Islamic Market Consumer Services and Dow Jones Islamic Market Telecommunications indexes were the three worst performing industry indexes with performances of 2.89%, 3.47% and 3.89%, respectively.


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