Several Hospitalized after they Faint from Grief over Assad Loss

Published June 11th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Several people overcome by grief fainted and were hospitalized Sunday in the Syrian capital as waves upon waves of mourners took to the streets and marched near the home of the late President Hafez Assad. 

An AFP photographer outside Shami Hospital where Assad's body was taken Saturday after he died saw four women faint and be carried inside the establishment a few blocks away from Assad's home. 

The solemn mood and disbelief that had gripped Damascus and major Syrian towns in the hours following Assad's death gave way to a mass outpouring of grief on Sunday. 

Women and men in black gave up fighting their tears and cried openly, slapped their faces to mark grief and chanted words of praise for Assad and his heir-apparent, son Bashar, 34. 

"I would have given my life and those of my children for you, Oh Assad. Why did you go and leave us on our own to fend for our future?" an old woman wearing black in sign of mourning cried over and over - DAMASCUS (AFP) 


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