Sharon Stone Laughs Off Lurid Hollywood Tales

Published June 28th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Sharon Stone used wit -- rather than a deadly weapon -- to defuse a celebrity feud on Wednesday with the screenwriter whose 1992 steamy sex thriller "Basic Instinct" made her a star.  

Joe Eszterhas, whose "Flashdance," "Jagged Edge" and "Sliver" credits made him one of Hollywood's major players, relates a series of sexual anecdotes about Stone in a new book that would make most actresses blush.  

Excerpts of the book "American Rhapsody" were published in Talk magazine on Wednesday.  

"Sharon's knowledge of power was elemental, primal, learned in modeling sessions (at 19) and casting couches and in the back rooms of shadowy, back-lighted discos in Milan and Buenos Aires," wrote Eszterhas.  

Stone, who has just adopted a baby boy, said in a brief statement on Wednesday; "I think it's hilarious. I knew he was funny but I didn't know he could write comedy."  

Eszterhas's book, to be published in July, follows a personal crisis three years ago and the fallout from his mega-flop of 1995, the universally panned "Showgirls."  

An unusual mixture of personal musings, firsthand Hollywood tales and the Clinton sex scandal, the book is said also to include scandalous revelations about actors Michael Douglas, Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere.  

Eszterhas recalls one former agent of Stone's telling him; "we used to have a saying among us at the agency. 'Put Sharon Stone in the room alone with the director and she'll close the deal."'  

He claimed Stone, now 42, once straddled him while not wearing underwear and gave him a sensual back massage in front of astonished "Sliver" director Phillip Noyce in order to get a sex scene rewritten the way she wanted it. It worked. The scene was rewritten.  

Eszterhas said Stone's dislike for her "Sliver" co-star William Baldwin was so intense that she bit his tongue during a screen kiss and would use mouthwash after kissing him.  

Eszterhas also said that Stone was so disliked on movie sets that the crew on one of her early films urinated in a bathtub she was supposed to use in a scene.  

Eszterhas's intention, however, seems not to malign Stone but to celebrate her. He calls her "the greatest American sex symbol since Marilyn Monroe" and the "ripest of ripe peaches, the apotheosis of the curvy, beauty pageant blond."  

He relates an incident shortly after the release of "Basic Instinct" in which he went to Stone's home, "smoked some of her Thai," drank champagne and "wound up on the rug crawling around her dollhouse."  

Later they went to eat at a chic Hollywood restaurant "stoned out of our minds" before returning to her home for more dope, more champagne and more sex. "Then I went back to my hotel, happy that I'd created her," he said. 

Recently, Stone has decided to sign on to the dotted line for a sequel to Basic Instinct—Reuters. 

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