Sudan’s Turabi Applies for New Party

Published June 10th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Sudan’s ousted National Congress secretary general, Hassan Turabi, has set out on launching a new party, reported Saturday. But apparently the move will be blocked by the authorities. 

The agency quoted government sources as saying that the registrar of political organization will reject the application, on the basis that Turabi and his top aids’ political activities are banned by a presidential decree. 

The agency said the name of the planned party will be "the National Charter Front." 

On Thursday, Police fired tear gas to disperse members of the ruling party's youth group demonstrating in Khartoum in support of ousted parliamentary speaker Hassan Turabi, the interior ministry said Friday, quoted by AFP.  

A hundred members of the Sudanese Youth Union, which is affiliated with the ruling National Congress party, protested in front of the union's headquarters, "chanting anti-government slogans, and police fired tear gas to disperse them," the ministry said in a statement. 

This was the first confrontation between Turabi supporters and the Sudanese security forces since he was pushed from power by President Omar Bashir in December. 

The information ministry denied press reports saying protesters had been wounded, said AFP. 

The youth union has split into two camps, one favoring Turabi and the other, General Bashir. 

Bashir announced a state of emergency December 12 and dissolved the parliament, days before the body was to vote on curbs on presidential powers. Turabi, the parliamentary speaker, bitterly opposed the moves. 

Bashir, who heads the National Congress, suspended party secretary general Turabi from that position May 6 – (Several Sources)  


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