Sudanese Serial Killer Says he Killed 51 in 25 Years

Published May 18th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

A Sudanese morgue assistant arrested on suspicion of raping and murdering up to 16 young women has confessed to killing 51 people over a 25-year period in several Arab states, police said Wednesday, according to a report Wednesday. 

Previous reports said the number of his victims is 27. 

Earlier, Mohammed Adam Omar, an employee at San'a University who was arrested Friday, confessed to raping and killing five women and mutilating their bodies. But the police officials said Omar has now confessed to having killed 51 women in Lebanon, Kuwait and Jordan; his home country, Sudan; and in Yemen since 1975.  

Police detained three men Tuesday, two Yemenis and a Sudanese, for questioning, according to the officials. They did not say whether the three men were suspects.  

Police are also looking for three people closely associated with Omar and are suspected of being involved in the murders. Yemeni investigators had been sent to Jordan, Kuwait and Sudan.  

According to earlier police and university reports, Omar, who helped in autopsies, lured students to the morgue with promises of help in their studies.  

Omar, who said he committed his crimes at night, would cut off the hands and feet of his victims, dissolve them in chemicals, and keep the bones as mementos. He also tried to sell the hair of his victims, to be used in manufacturing wigs, said the official.  

He said Omar tried to commit suicide after his arrest by slashing his wrists using his glasses but he was overpowered by policemen.  

Among the five victims that the suspect has admitted killing are a Yemeni woman and an Iraqi student whose mutilated bodies were found last Wednesday in a room near the university morgue.  

According to police, the Iraqi medical student disappeared in December.  

The case has caused an uproar in conservative Yemen, with newspapers condemning the university for hiring the man and criticizing the police for not arresting him earlier -  


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