Syria lashes out at Washington’s measure to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Published October 2nd, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

On Wednesday, Syria slammed US legislation signed by President George W. Bush that encourages recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, calling it a provocative step that further damages Arab-US ties.  


President Bush said he plans to ignore clauses in the spending bill that could cut funds to the US consulate in Jerusalem and would disallow Congress from spending money on official documents listing Israel without citing Jerusalem as its capital. The clauses, he added, interfere with his constitutional authority to set US foreign policy.  


However, Al-Thawra government-run newspaper said in an editorial the law would still "negatively impact US interests and would further undermine its relations with the Arabs." "Though the legislation is unbinding to the US administration, it is a dangerous and provocative step that harms Arab and Muslim feelings and denies their political and historical rights in this holy city," Al-Thawra said. 


Meanwhile, Tishrin newspaper, called the legislation "an additional step in (Washington's) anti-Arab policy and in its dangerous bias in favor of the Zionist and aggressive entity (Israel)." (

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