Syrian People’s Assembly to Meet on Bashar Presidency

Published June 25th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

By Nabil Al Mulhem 



The Syrian parliament will meet Sunday evening to consider the nomination of Bashar Assad as successor to his father Hafez Assad, who died on June 10th. 

According to sources, the assembly will appoint a 40-member committee to study the ruling Baath party’s nomination of Bashar Assad. The committee is expected to submit its recommendation on Monday, which will then be voted by hand count. 

Speaker of the assembly, Abdul Qader Qaddoura told reporters in Damascus Thrsday that the committee would comprise representatives of the political parties and all the Syrian provinces. 

The final constitutional step to be taken before Assad can officially take power is a national referendum that is expected early July. 

On Saturday, meanwhile, the newly elected 21-member regional command of the ruling Baath party has elected in its first meeting president-designate Bashar Assad as secretary general. 

The meeting came four days after a landmark Baath congress last week, which elected the new command. 

In Saturday’s meeting, the command, charged with decision making, elected members to fill key positions of the command. 

Suleiman Qadah was elected assistant regional secretary general. Meanwhile, Mohammad Saeed Bkheitan was elected head of the National Security Bureau to replace the outgoing Abdul Rau’f Kassem, Mohammad Hussein as head the Economic Bureau, Ibrahim Hneidi for the Peasants Bureau, and Farouq Abu Shamat for the Legal and Unions Bureau. 

Those who kept their past positions include Fayz Nasser as chair of the Organization Bureau, and Majed Shaddoud as chair of the Youth Bureau. 

Other appointments were Walid Bouz as head of the Education Bureau, Walid Hamdoun as head of the Finance and Labor Bureau, and Ghayyath Barakat for Higher Education. 

In the mean time, big names who already hold position at the government were not chosen for positions at the command. Those include the two vice presidents Abdul Halim Khaddam and Zuheir Masharqa, Prime Minister Mustafa Miro, Foreign Minster Farouq Shara, Defense Minister Mustafa Tlas, and Deputy Prime Minister Mohammad Otari. 

Assistant Secretary General of the Baath Party – Pan-national Command- Abdullah Ahmar was not also elected for any position at the regional command –  


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