Syrian regime, rebels reach agreement to let 500 people out of blockaded towns

Published April 20th, 2016 - 08:55 GMT
Residents of the besieged town, Madaya. (AFP/File)
Residents of the besieged town, Madaya. (AFP/File)

Reuters reports that Syrian regime forces and rebel forces reached an agreement that both groups will allow a combined 500 people to leave blockaded towns.

The towns blockaded by rebels are al-Foua and Kefraya in Idlib province. The towns are both predominantly Shia and pro-government.

The towns at the Lebanese border blockaded by pro-government forces are Zabadani and Madaya. Madaya's blockade was briefly lifted to allow emergency aid in January, but many have still died from starvation.

A ceasefire has been in effect since mid-February, though both sides report violations. 


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