A System to Track and Maintain Surveillance over Automotives via Satellite

Published March 17th, 2010 - 09:58 GMT

Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) and  the Company of Diar Al Sharq Al Awsat for IT signed an agreement to apply AVL system which allows for tracking, maintaining surveillance, and managing cars and GAM automotives via satellite.

The Memorandum, signed for GAM by Engineer Ammar Gharaybeh, and for the Company by the Managing Director, Bashar ‘At’out, comes within GAM strategic framework to uplift the municipal work proficiency, and render quality service to its citizens, through employing technology and harnessing it to best serve the municipal operation. 

Engineer Gharaybeh stressed, in a press statement, the importance of the project, as to its output which facilitates procedures and increase productivity, in addition to minimizing operational cost, and fuel consumption which normally mounts as a result of using GAM cars outside the working place and time.

He outlined that AVL system, which is there to cut cost and control expenditure, through minimizing fuel consumption, shall allow GAM to build a data base through which it would be possible to define automotives and vehicles tracks for the purpose of distributing them according to population density, in addition to determining the locations of waste containers. 

On his part, the Managing Director of the Company executing the project said that the AVL system enjoys a high proficiency degree, and has proven its effectiveness, noting that it was applied in a number of countries in which it proved to be successful and reflected positively on the nature of the municipal services.

Mr. ‘At’out stated that AVL system was subject to a probation period of one year  in the city of Amman, during which it has proven to be successful and effective. He further added that the project is to be executed on two phases, 10 month each; and the final phase is to encompass 600 GAM vehicles.

In this context, the Director of Geographical Information System Directorate, Eng. Hassan Al Kiswani, clarified that AVL system is an integrated system that is based on the Global Positioning System (GPS), along with some navigation functions, such as destination, distance, time, and the elements related to digital maps and technical and programming apparatus.

The system, according to AL Kiswani, is composed of reception devices, receivers, and GPS receivers to observe the ground coordinators, on which digital maps and different navigation functions are indicated. According to him, the system shall track GAM automotives, in all regions, on a daily basis, and for an unlimited duration, in addition to transmitting messages, through which it spots all malfunctions.   

The geographic information expert said that the system pinpoints the status of the vehicle upon stopping or moving in the right direction, in addition to providing protection and full secrecy for the vehicles.

AVL system aims at determining the work area, and forcing the drivers to remain in it (work area), in addition to controlling the drivers’ behavior while driving. The system also leads to upgrading the operational proficiency and effectiveness through the follow up on the work direction and in the location and beyond it. It also results into minimizing the operational cost, and maximizing productivity, through limiting vehicles usage to GAM purposes, and putting an end to personal usage, let alone limiting speed to minimize the number of accidents; it also helps determine the distance the vehicle covers.

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