Top 3 Gateway Podcast Episodes from 2019

Published December 16th, 2019 - 01:32 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Al Bawaba's The Gateway podcast features stories that are either submerged under the torrent of breaking news cycles or missed entirely by major media outlets. Going in-depth with world-leading experts and activists, The Gateway also contextualizes seemingly spontaneous events in a broader context. 

Here are the top three podcasts produced by The Gateway in 2019 to get you through to the new year. From a virtually unknown labor movement that revolutionized Jordan to an exploration of the theology behind Christian Zionism and Trump's foreign policy towards Israel/Palestine, The Gateway tells stories that help explain how the world is being shaped.

1. The Most Radical Middle East Movement You’ve Never Heard Of, with Sara Ababneh

Protesters in Jordan (Compass News)


From 2006-10, a protest movement comprised of day-wage laborers shook Jordan's economic and social order to its core with radical tactics, and achieved momentous success in the process. Our guest this episode, Dr. Sara Ababneh of the University of Jordan, thinks it was one of the most profound moments for women's rights in Jordan. But it was ignored and forgotten. We ask her why.

2. Inside the Evangelical Vision of Apocalypse Driving Trump’s Friendship with Israel

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About a third of the US population are Christian evangelicals, about half of whom think a prophesied apocalypse will happen before 2050. They're Trump's largest and most loyal voter base, and they may be responsible for influencing Trump's foreign policy. We spoke with Matthew Sutton, a religious history professor about what this all means.

3. The Dual Rise of the Yellow Vests and Macron’s Green Nationalism

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The Yellow Vest movement has entered its second year of demonstrations, and though they seem as widely misunderstood now as they were when they first entered onto the world stage, their impact is being slowly realized.

The movement defies the traditional left/right political spectrum in its makeup and set of demands, which were primarily against a government-proposed fuel tax, but has since cascaded into a wider condemnation against French President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron has come to represent an emergent ideology Al Bawaba's guest today, Joshua Clover, calls Green Nationalism, where domestic austerity measures are implemented alongside militarizing borders. States around the world are adopting a Green Nationalist mindset, though this slow sea-change has been under reported by most major media outlets.

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